Encounters and Writings

Demons: Pornography and Pride (Part 2)

Countless angels stood in the sky with the Glory of God circling them like a storm ready to pour its rain. The great demon became aware of the presence of God and screamed from the light, filling the world beyond humans. The angel with me said, “There will be a company of people like never seen before. They will walk in such power that even the mention of their name will bring forth the aroma of Christ.” The angel looked at me intensely, “Imagine one righteous person walking into a city and the principalities of the air are removed. These are the angels that will be summoned by the righteous—thousands upon thousands answering the call of the righteous.” The angels in the sky had eyes of lightning because they had looked upon the face of God.

Then I heard one beating on its shield in the distance to announce his appearance. The angels stood at attention as one shinning in bright ember light stepped forward to lead the battle. He was a very powerful angel who was given armor of authority and a shield beyond my description that appeared to be alive. His wings opened in full gleaming bronze with fire as its feathers. He stepped forward to lead this army. The angel with me said, “That is Michael the prince of angels, servant of the Most High God. The prayers of God’s people have summoned him. It has been Satan’s plan to banish God’s people into sexual immorality for a long time. Satan wants to see God’s people become like prostitutes unto other gods…to give their holiest place into defilement.”

The demon growled at the angels who appeared and visions of sexual pleasure increased around its vile being. From the pit, he called forth snakes as its defense and the Children of Satan (pride), made there stand… The angel said, “Satan wants to have children made in his image. He is a Foolish, Fallen, being unworthy of a name.”

Satan now appeared descending from his Throne of Skulls with such pride I couldn’t believe it, but he was splendorous in garments, yet his eyes were empty just like that pit bellow. I became afraid, but the angel held my hand for support. Satan walked through us to command his army against the angels.

Even though Satan hates Jesus most, he also has a hate for Michael because he was thrown down from heaven by Michael’s given power. And now Michael has come as answered prayer to stand against one of Satan’s greatest plans to destroy the people of God.

Lucifer said nothing. Michael said nothing…there was a silence among the two armies ready to wage war.

“Release the eagles,” Michael shouted. I heard eagles cry as they pushed through the storm cloud in golden light to target the snakes. With their claws, they picked up the snakes and threw them back into the pit.

The angel said, “That is the prophetic speaking against the demon’s power. They will carry the word of God in their mouth and in their wings.” These beautiful birds flew right back into the glory cloud when they had finished their task. Then I saw powerful golden, winged lions appear from the angelic army. The angels had them on a leash and they waited for Michael’s command.

“Bring forth the lions,” Michael ordered the angels to release them with the fire of God. The lions roared at their prey and opened their wings appeared from their backs to fly below like a shooting comet. The ram-like demons charged the lions with their horns. Like Satan, they believed they could stand against all of them, but they couldn’t last! The lions held them by their neck until they surrendered. Then I saw the lions break the necks of their prey—power was taken from these demons. Now they were useless…

The angel said, “Pride holds his head up, but must be broken. These lions are the apostolic power being released now through God’s people. They will do the greatest signs in the days to come, Micah. They are given wings which is the freedom they express through Christ Jesus. The apostolic and the prophetic will overthrow sexual immorality.”

The angel turned to me and with confidence he said, “Now we will go towards those on the streets. Ministries and rallies for those caught in tangles by the snakes will be set free, and they will be the ones to declare the coming of the kingdom. The Lord will send the church to the streets, with eagles and lions (prophetic/apostolic) gifts to dismantle Satan’s power. They will be rich in the love of God and they will call forth His sons and daughter into the righteousness of God.”

The angel smiled with inner joy, “Micah, the Kingdom of God has defeated every power that is not in his name. Get ready for the Kingdom of God to invade the pornographic industry. He will bring forth friends equipped with the armor of God to rescue the lost. Jesus’ gaze and love is turned towards those lost in the game of pornography. There will come a day when many actors in this industry will come to know Jesus and they will set others free!”

Michael raised his sword and commanded the army to march towards the head demon. Suddenly, the sky parted as the Lord Jesus descended with all glory. I gasped, “Jesus is here!” The angel laughed and held me up. I felt my strength waning from me. His glory caused the pit to lose its power thus Satan disappeared with a smirking bow leaving the demon to fend for himself.

The demon fell on his face before the glory of the Lord as the angels marched towards their defeated foe. The sound of glorious troops filled the entire realm and the wall shook by the presence of God. However, my eyes were on Jesus. He was shining like a bright rainbow while his robe blazed with his father’s glory! On his head was a crown unlike anything I have ever seen. His authority caused all the realms to surrender to him and at the highest point of his majesty—the heavens of heavens declared his name!

The angel stepped in front of me so that I would focus on what he was about to say, “It is time to go back. If I do not take you away now, you will not return.” He smiled and gestured we leave, but I did not want to. I wanted to keep watching Jesus command the heavens and see the judgement of this demon. The angel command, “Obey! You will see him again I am sure.” The angel gripped my hand and began to pull me the other way, but I caught Jesus’ eyes just for a moment. He looked at me with such eyes of love. It was only for a second, but it felt longer. He gently smiled and nodded his head with understanding and care. I painfully turned to leave the scene with my heart still interwoven with His through dimensions we had traveled before. I felt weak; very weak…I must have been gone too long. The angel said, “When you get back you will sleep to recover your strength.”

We walked through the wall into my room; I was exhausted. The angel put on his hood again and said, “Go and rest now, and when you wake up you will journal what you have seen. My friends will minister to you as you sleep.” He drew my attention to three ministering angels standing at the foot of my bed. With a smile, I thanked him for his service. He shook my hand sternly then bowed to the waist. He said, “You will not see me again…I know you are hoping for this, but I will remember you always. When you finish, and come home, find me and we shall go for a walk again.” He placed his hand on my shoulder and vanished.

I laid on my bed to sleep and the voice of the Holy Spirit said to me, “Jesus has the victory, Micah. The Kingdom of God is victory in Christ Jesus. There are no slaves to pornography or any other sexual immorality in his Kingdom; proclaim freedom in the name of Jesus.”