Encounters and Writings

Demons: Flying Monkeys and Shadow Critters

Demons, the part of a Seers life not talked about much. Sometimes it is out of fear, sometimes it is because it may be depressing, but we do experience them. In my life, I have encountered many demons. And on several occasions, have seen Satan. It is not pleasant but necessary. I don’t think we talk about demons much because there is a spooky entertainment about them. Demons are not entertaining…they are not your friends.  And when you engage them without the blood of Jesus, they will linger and torment.  We allow so much to come into our lives that can influence us rather good or bad. Now this is not written to gloat that there are demons, but I want us to be aware of them and take things seriously—that there is a demonic kingdom and you are not someone they take lightly. I want us to talk about them with maturity. This is not meant to be spooky, but I want you to see into reality. I will tell you a story about the functions of some demons and what gives them power. In this three-part series, you will meet an angel who taught me about unforgivness, and self-image.

I went to the park to have some alone time in the summer heat wave. Boy, was it hot that day, it was also a day I decided to wear black. All black… I took my journal to record for the day. There were a lot of people there in that heat, strange people! As I sat watching an angel appeared to sit with me. He was in a full-length robe with fire inside his being! He smiled at me as he sat down. I noticed the lights in his hair. He glanced at the people and then touched my eyes gently. He whispered something, but I do not know what he said. When I opened them, I could see differently.

He smiled again, “I came to show you something and give you a gift to understand.” He paused a moment, “What can you see?”

I could see demons in detail and some that were shadows. I could see some in the trees around us. I had seen demons plenty of times before but this time it was different. I could understand them.

The angel said to me, “Demons have a language too. Yes, corrupted speech from the void they speak. It is filled with envy, jealousy, and rage for their beauty was taken. Language is also what allows them stick to you.” The angel looked up to the large demons in the trees. They looked like a deformed animal, almost like monkeys with large bat like wings. Their faces were sagging like they were decaying. Their bodies were nude too and some kind of slime covered them. When I looked at them, they growled at me and covered their bodies with their wings. The angel said, “They are ashamed of their form. Micah, demons use darkness to hide themselves because they hate their appearance. They will continue to decay into the darkness; therefore, some of these here struggle with their appearance. These demons come to lie and steal His children’s beauty.”

I watched as one of these demons had landed on a man in the park. This demon was about 6ft with long arms and claws! The demon latched himself on the man biting the back of his head. The angel said, “This man is beautiful and this demon is trying to steal his beauty by lies and tricks. See, each one of his children were made in the image of God. Each one contains a piece of God; his heart. But these demons were rejected by the God of light and were cast into darkness forever. The demons lost their beauty so they have come to take revenge on God’s children. They want to suck out the light—the dreams of light. They are jealous of them…” The angel turned to me, “They are jealous of you. You remind them of their shame. They will forever be judged by you because you remind them of what they have lost.” The angel touched my knee to get my attention, “You are the only one that carries his image. This is a terrifying reality to the demons. It is even a ticking time bomb to Satan. When the Sons of God stand in His image, they will walk in complete power over the enemy. Death will have no place among them.”

I turned my head from the scene to another family in the park. They were playing with each other with happiness it appeared, but I saw a shadowed demons among them. There were swords stuck in each family member. The demons were deathly silent hoping to not be seen. I could not see the shadows appearance because the darkness was so dense but I could see their red eyes. There was such a paranoia of being seen that they constantly looked over their shoulder waiting for someone to spot them. Their gaze took them to my direction with a glare they watched me. They knelt on four legs like dogs ready to guard their territory. The angels said, “Unforgivness, is bait Micah. Look at the swords.” I did and saw that each sword had a demon attached to it. The angel said, “Get rid of unforgivness, you will get rid of the demons. Demons take the bait and bite!”

“How come there is a sword in all of them,” I asked.

The angel answer, “Because it came from a generation before. Somethings are passed down. For generations, there has been pain, but no one will forgive. These demons will one day cause great depression as the wounds rot. Once the sword is removed, each wound needs to be cleansed with light.

“So you are saying that they were stabbed by unforgivness by another from their previous generation?”

The angel sighed, “One did not forgive and with their words, they drank the poison of unforgiveness expecting the other person to feel their pain, but all it did was create a void within the bloodline. Flies are attracted to decaying souls and these demons came for the bait.  Now, their unforgivness is feeding the demons. If the sword is pulled out, the demons lose their food supply.”

I asked the angel, “How do we pull the swords out?”

He smiled, “Take them to the throne Micah. Demons cannot fallow them there and his love will heal them.” The angel smiled, “But one light can chase away thousands. The incomparable brightness of God lives inside you, when you come to a place of darkness, demons must flee and angels are released.” He looked up and said, “Watch…”