Encounters and Writings

Dance of the Elements.

Go and command the earth to praise me! Go and speak to the sky, wind, waters, trees of the ground and say return to your God!

Psalm 150:6, “Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD!”

I stood on the river flowing from the throne of God which sparked with His very power.  The waters flashed with light because the Spirit of God was in the water. I could see Him (God) in the distance shining in the most beautiful radiance which manifested like an eye of multi-colors! There was a rainbow coming out of Him! On each side of His being were two great angels made of solid gold with shinning wings of light! They were enormous and reverent towards the Lord. Their wings were stretched forward as these angels declared the glory of God coming upon the earth. Like a rush of mighty wind, His glory overwhelmed me with light and fire! Our God is powerful!

Suddenly, His voice thundered, “Come!” Then out of the rushing river came water spirits of heaven. These spirits were unlike anything I had seen! The raised their voice to God as if they were alive; they gazed on almighty God! The river began to rush up and spiral to the sky like a funnel cloud! As I watched, I could see the light coming from the center of the water spout which gave entrance to Jesus Christ!

Jesus stepped out of the water spout in all glory! He was burning with light from His chest which rippled outward filling the whole scene with His father’s fame! The waters spirits bowed before Him, but Jesus looked right into me. He stepped closer to breathe on me and said, “I want you to watch. Record what you see here and when you return, tell my people everything that has breath must praise the Lord.”

Jesus stepped back and suddenly began to dance on the river. He spun around and leaped with His hands raised. The water spirits danced with Him, but it was Jesus’ dance that pulled them into His rhythm! He was elegant in His movement! Each spin would create ribbons of light around the area. He shouted to me, “Come, Micah! Come!”

I ran towards my Lord to join Him in the dance. He pulled me closer to dance among the water spirits! We looked into each other’s eyes which opened me up to see Him in an entirely new way. Jesus is the master of the elements! The trees clapped their hands! The wind brought the clouds near us and voices carried its love songs to the Lord.  I saw the rocks filled with tears of joy as Jesus danced on the river! Fire from heaven moved out from the throne into me; I could see their kind faces! Who is like our God? Who is like you? All around us the elements joined in the worship of our great King! Nothing can compare to His glory! Nothing can wash away His great power! I saw the face of God shining on us! He was so glad!

The water spirits created a gentle mist around us with voices beyond what I can describe to you! Jesus held me close as we danced; I knew His moves…I knew the dance! I couldn’t believe it!



After some time, Jesus stopped and just held me close to Him while the waters spirits kept spinning around us. Jesus spoke, “My son, this is the dance of all the elements of heaven. The spirits of the earth once served me, Micah. One day, they will serve me again. When I had created the earth, I danced among them very much like this, I placed inside the earth the ability to speak, to worship, dance before me and they did! Adam and Eve heard the earth talk to me….it once obeyed them because I gave the earth to Adam and Eve to rule! But the devil lied to them and stole their destiny. Now I have all authority, and I have given it back to you. Go and command the earth to praise me! Go and speak to the sky, wind, waters, trees of the ground and say return to your God! Tell the fire; the lighting that breaks the sky to obey the word of the Lord! I have given you authority now!” Jesus paused a moment and placed His hands on me, “The glory of the Lord is going to cover the whole earth, Micah! You will once again hear the creation speak; one day you will see them dance to me as it was in the beginning!”


I Heard coming from the throne behind us, “Prepare yourself oh earth! Wake up! Wake up! My glory will fall upon you like you have never seen! The most excellent days of creation is at hand. You who walk the fields, you who live in the earth, you who fly in the sky, my glory is coming upon you! You will speak! The elemental spirits of earth, do not be sad! Do not be filled with anxiety spirits of the world, the sons of God are rising up now!”


Jesus smiled and shouted, “Go! It is coming!”

In an instant, I was back on earth…Show us your glory, God! Wake up oh earth!

Psalm 103:22, “Bless the LORD, all his works, in all places of his dominion. Bless the LORD, O my soul!”