Encounters and Writings

Consuming Fire

I was drawn to the throne of fire! It roared with intensity! Hot, reverent fear gripped my soul! Fire and smoke filled the throne room as the air cracked and burned!

Our God is an all-consuming fire and His fire is jealous for you (Deuteronomy 4:24)

This is very true, and it is something I have experienced over and over again. I will tell of a time when this fire–which is an uncreated and unmatched passion of God overtook me! It was so that even I became like the rocks upon the altar that was consumed by heavens fire! I was the wood blazing with an intensity that cannot be quenched.  Listen to my story…

I was speaking in the spirit when my spirit left my body to meet with God in the heavenly realms. I was drawn to the throne of fire! It roared with intensity! Hot, reverent fear gripped my soul! Fire and smoke filled the throne room as the air cracked and burned! God’s glory could destroy the reality of heaven if He allowed it, but He chooses it to be His home. Each breath burned my spirit…it was hot! Yet beautiful! In a blink, I was now standing before the Lord God.

The sound coming from Him was intensifying the longer the Father gazed on to my small frame. I heard angels marching around us, but because of the intense light, I could only see Him.

I cried out, “Father! Father! Consume me!” My hands began to burn. My eyes were lit with passion! “Father! Father,” I called to Him and His glory intensified!

Father roared, “Let my breath enter your mouth. As I have blown away the enemies camp with one word of fire, so will you! Open your mouth.”

I did as He had commanded and fire fell into my mouth then flowed to my stomach. I fell at His feet and saw visions of God’s breath blowing away every demonic camp that tries to stop Him. He said to me, “That same power is in you!”

His voice thundered, “Now come! Step into me.” His very words shifted the wall of fire in front of Him to create a door. I was pulled in.

Fire engulfed me, but the noise had become silent; just the movement of hot wind swirling around me. The throne of fire pulsated living light into the atmosphere above Him. It was like I was in the eye of the storm. His armies hovered above His head ready to march to battle! All of His host…powerful! Waiting for His word to be sent to the earth on behalf His children!

Like drops of molted rock, entering the sea, the sea of glass tossed and turned with the flames of God before His throne. His throne glowed brightly like hot lava or mercury! Amazing!

“Step forward, Micah,” a voice said from the throne. I fell to my knees in awe of Him and my Father spoke to me, “Micah, my love has consumed me like a jealous fire from within. What you see is my love for you so hot that all that is dark will be burned out of your heart. Yes, this is passion–true passion. I am He who burns with love. To those who belong to me, yes it is good, but to those who seek to harm you…I am dangerous!”

Holy God of heaven, in all His glory, leaned down from His throne and looked into my eyes. I felt explosions inside me…the face of God who is so Holy that anyone or anything with sin would be consumed by His presence, gazed into my soul and His words shook me, “To be consumed by love for me, you must understand how I see you; how I feel about you. Yes, do you love me enough that you are willing to die…if my presence consumed you and you were no more…would love be so strong in you that death would be worth it. Where are those who love me more than their own life?”

Light flashed before me and I returned to my body with my hands on fire and my heart blazing with His glory!