Encounters and Writings

Cloud of Witnesses part 2

Two mighty angels came to Jesus and me with the most beautiful golden wings. They covered us in their feathers to teleport us into the sky. Jesus held my hands as we entered into another realm of heaven. He smiled saying, “There is so much you do not know my son.” When the angels flew away, we were standing on a rainbow bridge in heaven.  It sparkled with the same glory that was shining around the throne of God. I saw millions of gems filled with light aligned on each side of the bridge. Some angels were standing in armor saluting King Jesus as we walked by them. Each step on the bridge made music like wind chimes that you would hear on a spring day. Jesus held me as close as always, giving me a little glance of excitement. He knew I would love the bridge and this brought Him great joy. Jesus squeezed my hand and said, “Micah, everything you see was created from the heart of God. When He spoke the heavens, I became the action. I worked with my hands and did what your Father declared. Each one of these gems,” He pointed to the people walking across the bridge, “were made by my hands. Their spirit came from God. I know each one intimately.”

I saw so many people crossing the bridge in the most beautiful attire. I saw colors; vibrant colors on each individual! Wow. People walking together in wonderful community. Each person had a color of the rainbow on, and some of their clothing was incredibly unique. One woman, in particular, looked like she was wearing stars from heaven. Each star shown with a bright orange and her hair was like the sunlight. This person was a beautiful dancer. Each time she would move, her garment would make crazy flashes of light… sometimes she would take a star from her robe and give it away as a gift to her friends. She saw me walking with the Lord and waved tossing me a star! It was soft and warm.

Jesus smiled, “She knows you are visiting.” He looked at me as if to ask where my manners were.

“Oh thank you!” I waved back at her. She acknowledged my thanks and then kept on her way.

There was a man who had a T-shirt made of fire, and a hat on that looked like the cosmos. His hair was living blue light. I remember his music that came from his body. I saw all these writings on his arms that glowed in gold. Jesus leaned in and said, “Son he was a tattoo artist on earth. Now, he uses his artistic talent here in heaven. He writes my words on their spirit in gold.” Jesus smiled, “He loves me.” My mind was blown away.

Jesus said to me, “Why are you so shocked? Did you think that the enemy created such things? No, he is a thief! He robbed what is true. Micah, I will bring forth my spirit upon the tattoo artist, my friend. They will be prophets and evangelists. I will fill them with my presence to bring people to my kingdom. Satan has attacked that style of art because it is powerful here. Do not give him the glory that belongs to God.” He knew my thoughts, “In the old law I command my children to not to write anything on their skin to display my holiness among the surrounding nations. Those who were not of my people used magics to engrave upon their skin the works of gods. Yet, now that my blood has washed my children clean, including their gifts and talents, I will display my glory to those gifted in this area. Do not reject them, receive them.”

This particular man heard our conversation and waved. His smile was of such love for the Lord. Jesus waved back and called to the man, “Pray for those like you on the earth because my church has not received them yet. But it is coming!” Jesus turned to me, “The arts are going to explode with power son. Receive who I send your way, so you don’t miss it.”

The man continued on his way. Jesus suggested we keep walking across the bridge when King David approached us. How did I know it was him? I just knew. He was very handsome, but not very tall. He had a very groomed red beard and was in a silver multi-layered robe. I could hear so many sounds making music coming from him. He smiled towards us with great love.

“Hello,” he said to us, “Micah, I am so glad to meet you.” He paused because I was trying to take everything in. “I am David” he leaned in to say with enthusiasm, “Everyone uses their talent to bring joy. We serve, and we rule. You get to keep your talent forever and use it to the best of its ability. Singers, dancers, artist, writers, poets, spoken word, architects, and even fashion designers use what they are given to create with our Father and His Son. Holy Spirit is the master of all the arts, He inspires us to do what we love to do. Micah, the kingdom of God is spreading all over the earth. It is going to manifest through the arts and in every avenue where people are involved. The enemy is going to lose hold in what he has tried to steal from God.” He placed his hand on my head and said, “The Cloud of Witnesses are still apart of the greatest movement coming to the earth. We may be here, but our work is not done. Some of us are creating things for the age to come. Yes, inventions the Holy Spirit has given us cannot possibly be contained in your current reality. The earth must be recreated, and the heavens must expand.”

So much I did not know. So much to be expected…the Kingdom of God is spreading all over the earth, and the saints are with us through the process. Even though they are in heaven, they are still apart of our lives. Father, thank you so much for this truth! We are not alone… you have so much for us, and so much more that is to come! Praise you, Father. Father, we will receive what you are about to do in the earth! Thank you, Jesus, that you have redeemed every gift for your kingdom! Teach us, humble us, show us your glory, Lord. We Love you!   

Father, I release a deep encounter with each person who reads this post. May fire from your throne come upon them in Jesus name. Holy Spirit you are creative, you are powerful. I ask for the ones reading this that they would be so consumed by your goodness. Open up the heavens in Jesus name, 


Please Note: The picture is what the light looked like coming from the bridge and the people.