Encounters and Writings

Chariots of Fire

Jesus and I walked among the army of angels, creatures, and other heavenly beings. They bowed in worship to Jesus’ inspection. Jesus observed the wings of mighty angels who were as large as the stars in the sky!

Please read the previous article The Host and the Sea Serpent first to gain context of the encounter.

I was pulled up towards the army of God by a vortex of dazzling light. It was as if I had passed through endless amounts of creatures and heavenly beings ready to move at the command of the Lord. The whole army was on fire with Father’s presence as royal hot flames gushed from His being! I felt a raw sense of power…power unlike I had ever felt before! His glory pulled me through the army, closer to the Throne of Fire, I noticed the eyes of God.

Brilliant blue fiery eyes of power and love. He looked right through me; His gaze piercing ever hidden place in my heart. His hair, white like wool, danced with living light. Unbelievable beauty and glory surrounded God our Father.  He raised His right hand towards me and shouted, “Behold God and His chariots of fire?” When He said this, the horses aroused with a brighter sense of glory. Flames shot out of their tales, feet, and heads, the angels kept them steady!

As I became closer to God, a man was coming out of the heart of God. Oh, He was perfect in glory just like His Father!  He was shining like a brilliant blue star, matchless in living light and splendor. Jesus had now stood before His Father waiting for me to stand with Him.

The vortex set me on a fiery floor right in front of the Father’s majesty and face to face with Jesus; my Lord and my best friend. Jesus’ robe was blue which gave the image of a blue star. It was a hooded robe which covered His head. His skin was light, and gold. His eyes were like a vibrant rainbow. When I touched Jesus’ hands, a force shot out behind Him from the Father.

This force was so intense that Jesus had to hold me to stand. It was indescribable. I do not have words to explain it, but it was like the sun had exploded. I could only see fire around me as Jesus remained standing. Everything was pure white flames and electricity swirled in the air like a violent storm. I was leaning on my beloved; I couldn’t stand! I felt like I was going to explode. It was too much. Jesus comforted me by gentling touching my face and turning my eyes back to Him. He softly said, “That was your Father’s expression of love. When you touched me, you touched His heart. I am the expression of His heart, son. You are His promise to His heart. When I brought you back to Him, you were the fulfillment of a promise spoken before I created the heavens.” Jesus helped me gather my strength to stand.

The glorious atmosphere had subsided, and I could see the throne of fire behind Jesus again. Jesus smiled, “I am the captain of the armies of heaven Micah, and I want to partner with you in releasing the Host of heaven. The seas of chaos are lifting up their voice; they rise by the great serpent in response to my glory. Hurricanes in the natural realm will come back to back in response to the coming glory. Do not be alarmed, pray and speak against the creature of the sea in the spirit. My armies will hear it and ride to war.” He placed His hands on my shoulder, “Come let us inspect the troops.”

Jesus and I walked among the army of angels, creatures, and other heavenly beings. They bowed in worship to Jesus’ inspection. Jesus observed the wings of mighty angels who were as large as the stars in the sky! These angels were so bright they looked almost ethereal–pure energy. Their wings were the most beautiful I had seen. Still, they were nothing compared to the glory of God and His Son. Jesus said, “These are angels who reside in the stars of your galaxy. They will speak the gospel from the heavens and they shall continue to tell the glory of God. The stars will utter knowledge.”

We inspected the chariots of fire too. I touched the great wheels which are like lightning. Each one of the wheels had eyes–wide, open eyes of light. The armor of each chariot driver is made with metal but infused with gems I had never seen before. Each driver had the presence of God in them, and they were the only ones who could steer these chariots. These drivers did not have wings but helmets that had two horns which showed their authority. Each chariot had two riders; the driver, and another with a spear of great power which gleamed with sparks of lightning. Those who held the spear upright would give great honor to Jesus when He walked around them.  

Jesus said to me, “These warriors do not take orders from anyone unless I command them too. Moreover, they obey me! When I tell them to hear your voice as if it is mine, they will listen. It is my word in you that sends them forth. Intimacy with me is key, Micah. They are trained to hear the intimate words of the King through you. Intimacy brings forth authority; it releases power!”

My friends, I hope this blesses you! Speak against the waves of the sea. Speak against the storms of the great serpent Leviathan. Release the armies of heaven! The Glory of God is coming! The Chariots of Fire are ready!

Jesus, King of Glory we worship you!