Encounters and Writings

Change The Way You Think

In the middle of the night from around 12am to 4am with angelic visitations and open heavens. I was asked to record them as they were to help equip the body of Christ!

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!! For a month the Lord has been visiting me in the middle of the night from around 12am to 4am with angelic visitations and open heavens. I was asked to record them as they were to help equip the body of Christ! Please know that these are straight out of my journal as the Lord wanted them this way.

In the middle of the night, I saw a vision of a prophet opening his mouth to vomit bones and decaying flesh. Jesus stood next to me and said, “This is what a prophet looks like when he has identity issues. Stop begging to be heard; you get in the way when you do this. They are meant to listen to my voice, not yours. Keep yourself in me, and you won’t look like this. If you live in a spirit of rejection, you end up getting in my way. It’s not about you; it is about me!” Jesus’ eyes were fire as he said this phrase to me, “Prophets who live in rejection, can easily become tools for the enemy…”

This encounter may be a challenging word for some, but I need to share this: In the middle of the night, a solemn angel appeared in my room dressed in a noble attire. He had a staff in his hand which emitted the Glory of God. He said, ” I am not your butler! The angels are not your butlers. We answer to the voice of the Lord and obey His will. There must be a culture of honor when it comes to the angelic ministry!”

He was very serious about this, and his voice shook my room. We must properly honor and respect the angelic ministry if we wish to work with them appropriately. Be careful in commanding angels; without honoring Jesus.

In the middle of the night, I saw an Archangel stand over my bed!!!! He said to me, “Listen to what I have to say, for more than your given years to breathe, I have been trained to protect you and lead the group of angels assigned to you! It is not your choice but God’s who sends the angels!” He looked down at me while holding his blazing helmet with his right arm, “We train and learn just as you do. We are prepared to work with you as you are prepared to work with us! Your Father releases us when He decides.”

Father thank you for the Angels you have assigned to us! Thank you for preparing your body to work alongside the angelic like never before!

I am pondering the Spirit Realm; it’s so real…so full of life and also so sad. It is a realm of light, beauty, and life; but also darkness, sadness, and brokenness. Sometimes when I walk around outside observing the spirit realm around me, I can see that it too is going to be restored one day. I am so thankful that Jesus is going to fix things forever! Even the spirit realm won’t remain the same! Jesus thank you so much for restoring all things! I love you!!!

Jesus showed me a beautiful box! I mean this box, was terrific in detail: gorgeous ribbon adorned it, and I couldn’t wait to see what was inside. Jesus held this box before me in His hand saying, “Micah isn’t this a nice box? It has excellent detail, nice colors…it appears to have everything.”

Before I could comment on this box, Jesus crushed the box into dust.

Oh, the pain I felt…

Then His voice was like thunder, “Tell my people I do not like their boxes! I do not like their way, and I will not give in to their blackmail. Micah, it is my kingdom come, my will be done! I am not interested in your kingdom…I will crush it! Tell them; I will not be contained in your box.”

I was shaking by the authority of which He spoke! I fell on my face before Him as He said, “My Kingdom is growing and intensifying son, those who cannot partner with me will need to move quickly…”

In a recent visit to heaven, the Prophet Isaiah expressed this to me:

“When you prophesy to validate yourself, you are becoming a liar. When you mix your gift to please man, you are stepping into a religious spirit. The Holy Spirit is not into pleasing you but making you into more like Jesus. When you prophesy to bring validation to your ministry, you are removing the purpose which is to glorify Jesus. Stop trying to prove who you are or what you are sent to do. When you let Holy Spirit do His work, He will back you up if needed.”

In heaven one day, Holy Spirit challenged me, “Micah trying to be right can sometimes keep you from hearing my truth! You don’t need to be right; you need to be humbled. I can’t work with anyone who would rather be right; I work with the weak, broken, and humbled heart. Stop trying to be right.”

My chest burned…ouch!

Sometimes I get lost in the spirit realm (in a good way). I watch flying colossal angels with energy swords swoop down crushing the demonic forces. Sometimes I am flying on the back of an enormous white dragon! Sometimes I watch an army of trained creatures rushing through the enemies camp. The spirit realm is incredible and beyond our understanding! Jesus crushes my box or my opinions by letting me know that there is so much more than what we see and He rules it all! The Lord told me as I watched an army of angels without any struggle, blow up a demonic camp, “Micah you were created for even greater things than they! Your greatest enemy is doubt. Your box keeps you from reaching above every realm into the greatness I have made for you.” The spirit realm is real; there is so much happening that sometimes, I stay awake all night caught up in God’s world. I say this to remind you, crush your boxes, get rid of your opinions and reach for your full potential in God!

Holy Spirit said, “Son I need a church that has lost her mind and has the mind of Christ. Get out of your mind and into the Kingdom of God.”

At around 1 in the morning, I finally laid down to sleep when I suddenly entered the spirit world. The Holy Spirit who appeared next to me touched my shoulder to get my attention, “Understand what I am about to say to you, Micah. Write it down in your heart and record it in your realm.” He took me to the most disgusting pond I had ever see, it was black and slimy which gave off an awful aroma. I didn’t even want to be close to the borders of this terrible pond, yet Holy Spirit insisted I take a look. I got on my hands and knees to look into the waters to where I saw demons swimming in it. They had protruding eyes and terrible teeth. They resembled piranhas but with legs instead of fins. They watched me as they were looking for food.

Holy Spirit said, “They feed on sin Micah. When you live in sin, refraining from a heart of repentance, demons feed off of you to sustain life. They drain your joy, peace, and many other wonderful things I have given you. Demons will have authority in your life if you do not repent and change your way. ” The demonic beings hissed as Holy Spirit spoke again, “Starving them is how you get rid of them, but you must also get rid of the pond of filth. You must also change your lifestyle. Telling them to go is not enough when you are not walking in repentance. Resisting the devil is walking in truth, which is living in repentance. Turn and change your way to my truth or demons will feast until there is nothing left at all!”

Holy Spirit touched my shoulder and smiled, “Now, go back and tell them what you have seen and heard!”

God Bless You!