The Wonderful World of Magic

All right, the Lord has asked for me to open up a little more to set some of you free. I am always asked about magic since I am not super uptight about it. Heaven is a magical, powerful place. Yes, I said magic. The enemy copies what is real and turns Christians into people of fear so they won’t do anything. However, where do we draw the line when it comes to magic influenced by Satan and magic that is just ideas from man?

Artists by Default

Bubbas_1Hello everyone! It is my honor and pleasure to be writing to you all. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Cameron Suter and I am a Cincinnati-based artist, graphic designer, and lover of Jesus! I have known Micah for several years now, and in that time we have grown to be very close friends, brothers, and “Bubbas.”

One of the things we often talk about is the power of art, the artistry of the Lord, and how anyone can partner with Him to make wonderful pieces of work. This is the context in which I would like to share with you the perspectives Jesus has helped me learn towards art. I pray it is a blessing for you to read and an encouragement to draw nearer to Him.