The Tears of Intimacy

Each one of us can have intimacy with the Lord. Did you know that? Jesus wants you to know Him, and in doing so, you know the Father.  I believe that the real issue with seeing so few who desire intimacy with the Lord is that most think that intimacy is only for a select few, or that intimacy sounds too romantic. Did you know that you are responsible for how deep your relationship can go with the Lord?

It’s true, Jesus has given up everything to have everything in you, and He is waiting for you to give up everything for Him.

Let’s step into the heart of Jesus for a moment. Brace yourselves because this will challenge your way of thinking.

Jesus sat across from me–His heart exploded with emotion, “Micah, I did not die to have more Prophets, Apostles, Teachers, Evangelists, or Pastors. I did not lay my life down so that they would have significant ministries. I did not spill my blood so that they would receive lofty ideas or systems that can move nations.” Jesus looked into His hands and sighed deeply!

I watched Him as His heart spilled out His desire to be known. His voice shook, “Micah, I died to have my family. I desire to be known too as you do. I poured out all I have for you because I wanted to be close to you. My Father planned this…we weren’t thinking of great men with renown ministries; we were thinking of a family!”

I stood up and walked over to sit next to Him. He looked right into my eyes and placed my hands on His tears and asked, “Micah, can you feel my tears this time?” He collapsed His head in my hands and wept terribly. “Oh that they would know who I am, my son, but they won’t receive me. They want what’s in my pocket, but not Me.” My hands dripped with the tears poured out upon them. I felt His pain…His pain in His heart for His family! He wants His brothers and sisters! He did everything He could to restore His family back to our Father. He has done everything that is needed, but even so, some do not receive Him. Even some of His children do not receive Him. They only want what hides in His pocket for their goals or benefits.

As Jesus wept, the sky turned a blood orange in response to Jesus’ emotions. The trees swayed low as the wind moved through the forest. Everything was responding to Him…to His desire. The brooks sighed as if they were crying too. The angels who were flying about stopped what they were doing to watch their Creator weep for those He loves so passionately.

As for me, I just held His head in my hands. That’s all I could do. I listened to Him weep.

I lifted His head and asked, “Jesus, what do you want me to do? I want to do something. What do you want me to do?”

Jesus held my hands and smiled, “Receive Me Micah and bring Me, friends. Tell them that the Creator longs to be received by those He loves! Tell my children, I have given everything, and now I wait…”

Jesus has given up everything for you, and now He waits. Your choice now remains–a simple but profound choice. What will you do?

Jesus wants to be known. Jesus wants to be chosen.


The White Gazelle

In heaven, there are images that represent Christ. What is different about these heavenly images is that they are actual tangible things that you can experience. This is why Jesus is a layered being! Not only is He God, but He is God with thousands of layers burning with revelation to the one who desires to look for them. Jesus Christ will appear in forms that require us to search deeper. I will share with you one of these images you see in heaven.

The Four Beings of Christ

Note From the Author:

This is an excerpt coming from my book called Forerunners. This is a continuous epic encounter I had for 6 years while attending a Christian University. This encounter came without warning. Most of these encounters happened in the early mornings, where I was brought into a story about four brothers, including me, and their friends encountering the Spirit realm and all the beings/creatures it holds.

The Power of Our Voice

Hey guys! Hope all is well with you! As you know I am going to be focusing on demons, but from a different approach. We all fight against shadows in the light, or, the monster under our beds. The problem is we never talk about them because they want us to be scared of them.

My goal in sharing this, is for you to know how powerful your voice is.

Demons…they are lousy! They are lazy, and if they can get you to do their work for them…they will. They will take a catnap right in your home without you even noticing; we so quickly empower them to stay.  It turns out that our voice can do two things: Empower them or depower them. Yes, you can strengthen a demon’s activity around you. Now, of course, engaging in sin is also a way that demons feed on energy, but most of the time they suck us dry because of the negative things we say about ourselves. In my case, that was happening!

There was a time a demon was following me around day and night. He was a black beast with red eyes! Just looking at his teeth sucked the life out of me. I knew I had angels around; I would seem them! Two angels in front and two in back. They looked at me intently as if to say, “What are you going to do?” I would turn around and rebuke that demon, and it would disappear, but return later

Sometimes this nasty critter would prowl in my room! I would wake up to the demon hitting me, and incredible fear would enter the room! I would look up, and there would be a warrior angel above me watching me, but he had the same look on his face, “What are you going to do?” I noticed the angel did not have a weapon! That was alarming!

For a few weeks, this demon would come and go until finally, I had enough!  I felt horrible! How am I hosting a demon? Father help me! Then out of nowhere, I began to say out loud how dumb I felt and stupid I was acting! I started to say horrible things about me! Wow! As these words just slipped out of my mouth, the demon began to growl! He grew even more hideous too! As I spoke those things about me, I watched as the demon ate the negative energy I was spewing from my mouth! I immediately stopped talking!

When this demon realized he was not getting any food, he began to roar like a hungry predator! It stood up on its hind legs and showed me its claws.

I must admit I was scared; terror gripped my heart. As the demon roared, I heard a gentle voice inside me say, “Use your voice again, but this time say the exact opposite of what you said before.”

Of course, that was Holy Spirit giving me instruction, so I obeyed Him. I started to speak positive things, and I was amazed at what was happening!  The demon began to shrink!

He started to scream out loud curses at me as his power drained from him. This nasty beast rolled on the floor in pain! What was I saying you ask? Well, I was just saying the kind of things Jesus would say about me! Then It turned into praise of how God is faithful to me! That’s right, I started to watch as God’s power flowed from my mouth by simply saying good things about myself which turned into how great He is. Light filled the room as I worshiped God. The demon was set on fire by the Lord’s presence. Its flesh was melting off its bone-like structure.

Suddenly an angel appeared with a long sword of light! I didn’t notice his sword before!

I asked the angel, “Excuse me, where was your weapon before?”

The angel looked at me, ” I didn’t have one yet. Your praise and positive energy gave me a weapon to use against Him. Sometimes we wait to get our gear from you! When you start to worship and praise, it gives us powerful weapons against the enemy.”

After the angel said this, he stabbed the demon, and its guts went everywhere! The beast moaned as its body slid down the blade of light wielded by the angel. Praise God!

The angel looked at me, “Good job!” He left!

I was stunned by what I just learned about spiritual warfare and how demons are not as powerful as we think. They feed off of our negative energy by the things we say about ourselves, or even, believe about ourselves! We have got to think better than they do! We have got to speak over our spirit what God says about us! There will be no victory when we talk with negativity; it only increases their power over us!

If you are going through spiritual warfare, I encourage you, get into God’s presence and worship Him. Release angels in your room and praise God as loud as you can! Find a quiet place and sing! Speak good, healthy things into the air and over your spirit! Speak promises God has spoken to you out loud! Demons will lose their strength!

Use your voice!

Your voice can bring life or bring death! It can strengthen angels or strengthen demons.

Angels That Encourage Us

You may be wondering why I chose such a picture above for the writings below. Well, I believe with all my heart that angels are people like us, just spirits without sin. They can feel, eat, and do many other things like we do. But what people fail to realize is that angels are devoted to helping us achieve our greatest potential in God. Angels can be our friends if we will accept them. Throughout my years of walking with angels, I have gained many friends in the angelic realm. Yes, I said friends. They experience things like we do and love to share it with us if we allow them. I have learned that they are natural at encouraging us. These are short stories below of angels sent to me. May they bless you!

Heaven’s Armies

I hope you enjoy a short series of angelic visitations I have had over the past few weeks! May they bless you as you pursue Christ!

The Armies of Heaven are coming! On my way to work, I was suddenly caught up in the spirit where I stood in front of a high ranking angel with a spear in his hands. Dressed in the armor of light and with wings flashing like lightning, he stood tall with courage; who could move him. His eyes were glowing with a purpose to lead and protect those given to him. I could feel the power of God vibrating off his wings. He shouted, “The Armies of God have come! This is the year where the church will need us to accomplish His Will. We have come to complete our task.” He saluted me and said, “We serve and honor the Lord who has given us a command to protect you, and destroy the works of the enemy coming against you.”

The mighty angel ushered a command with his spear and an army of angels in blazing light appeared behind him, and they spoke in perfect unison, “We are ready.”


During my early morning prayer, I was waiting for the Lord; the Spirit pulled me towards the throne of light. When the Spirit set me on the sea of glass, I saw an innumerable amount of angels marching forward with swords of fire. Their eyes were liquid but blue –  and their focus was terrible. The sound of their march shook my bones –  complete and total unison. God’s Glory struck the sea of glass with power no human can comprehend! On Father’s right side of the throne, archangels were overseeing the march and on His left were other beings, made of light, that I do not have the language to describe to you.

I was suddenly lifted up to fly above the armies of heaven to get a closer, but different look at this march from above. Within the greater light was a door so bright that I do not know if my words can paint the scene. There was a door that came from within the Father where the angels marched out of.  I noticed that these angels were coming from inside the Father. Then riding on the winds of heaven, my Father spoke, ” I am sending my armies to those who ask. I am sending them to America. They are sent to listen to My Voice within you! They have received their orders to protect what belongs to Me. I have spoken over America; you belong to Me!”


As I waited on the Lord, Holy Spirit took me into the Spirit realm to witness a fierce battle taking place. I saw the most disgusting demonic creature that looked like an octopus with sharp teeth. This demon was slimy which gave a repugnant smell. I felt my skin crawl from its demonic voice, “I am bigger than you!” He raised its tentacles, ready to devour me!

Suddenly the Voice of God thundered like an angry storm, which knocked this demon down. Bursting through the sky, angels answered the call of God Almighty. With lightning in their hands and swords of light, they charged the monster to overthrow his path of destruction.  They had white wings which they used to pin the demon to the ground and blasted the monster with electricity from their hands. Then these warriors of light used their swords to cut the beast to pieces–ruthlessly! I heard this foul creature shriek in pain until it appeared lifeless.


This epic battle snatched my breath! The angels circled the dismantled demon until they felt it was safe to speak with me. One angel touched my head and said, “This is not a threat to you, son because you belong to the Holy God of heaven, who has prepared an army for you. We will take care of you. What you saw was a spirit of fear, which used its tentacles to bind those who listened to its voice.” Then they turned to clean up the remains of the demon on the surface. Wow!  


1 Kings 22:19, “…I saw the Lord sitting on His throne, and all the host of heaven standing by Him on His right and left.”