The Host and the Sea Serpent

The realm of Chaos cracking like glass under pressure. I was not expecting such a sight as what I witnessed that day.  The demonic kingdom had unleashed one of their greatest warriors. He had a name in a wicked tongue, but I shall not write it. As I record this sight of such a being, it is unwise to speak their names. Darkness is real, and to the reckless, it can be very destructive.

Your Home

I waited by the vast cascading, rainbow falls in heaven for my dear friend, Jesus! I stood on a small island while the falls roared down from above as if a voice declared its power. Yes, it was strikingly beautiful! As the falls tumbled down to the water below, there was no violence to its crash into the gentle pool around me! It was peaceful; it was kind! I could see gentle spirits in the waters watching me intently as if something was going to happen. These enormous falls were light like diamonds and voices came from them. I do not know what they were saying, but they were speaking to me.

Suddenly, one of the falls opened up to reveal Jesus who stepped forward on a glass pavement that formed under His feet. Jesus, shining like the sun in a glorious lavender robe, smiled towards me. The falls sparkled at His appearance, and the spirits in the water leaped into the air! There was so much joy in His creation around us.

Jesus said, “My son, I have come to be with my heart’s desire. Tell me, where do you live that I may stay? Have you made your bed for me so that I may rest? Have you prepared your table for me so that I may eat and drink with you?” He now stood in front of me holding my hands; then bringing them to His lips, Jesus, kissed them. He said, “Stay with me. Will you?”

The spirits in the waters leaped into the air saying, “Stay! Stay! Don’t leave Him.” The waterfalls whispered, “The overflowing love of God; washing away the darkness of doubt.”

Jesus’ voice brought my attention back to Him, “Micah?”

“Yes Lord, Yes! I welcome you into my home!” I embraced Him, and He sighed deeply with much emotion. Jesus rested on my shoulder; I could feel his breath on my neck that sent a chill down my spine! I said to Him again, “Jesus you are welcome into my home.”

He looked into my eyes, “Micah where does the Son of Man lay His head? Where does He find His resting place?”

I responded, “Lord, with me! Come, stay with me! My room is your room.” I began to cry, “You don’t ever have to ask me that question again. Come, stay with me!” I buried my face in His chest.

Jesus said, “I am asking those who say they love me…where does the Son of Man lay His head? Am I welcomed in their home? Go and tell my church, that I am asking to stay with them?”

Jesus, my love is you! I have made my heart a home for you! My passion is you alone! Draw near to me and stay with me; my heart is your home!

Mathew 8:20, “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.”

The Lifeguard Angel

What an odd group the angels can be. Yes, they are not humans even though they can take on human form. Not always do angels appear like fire or glowing pillars of light. Sometimes, they look normal; they try to be at least. In my journey with the Lord, I have had many encounters with angels, but it was only recently that I started to see them appear as humans.

It Was Love

Recently I have been reading through the Gospels again this summer for my devotional study. I love to read through them every summer to immerse myself in the stories of Jesus. There has also been a cry in my heart for several years for the Father to take me back in time again to see Jesus walk the earth. It has happened before, but years ago when the Holy Spirit transported me it was to witness the birth of Jesus and the rejoicing of the angels. There have been other times when the Father has taken me back in time to see characters–such as Moses, Abraham, and even the makings of our earth. Wonderful and awe-inspiring! Still, I wanted to see Jesus walk the earth. I just wanted to see Him in His ministry.