The Tree Of Life

“Welcome,” The Tree of Life spoke to me. Its leaves of light covered me like a canopy shielding me from the falling gold dust in this beautiful forest. Each leaf had its unique voice which became a sweet symphony of sounds dancing by my ear! As I Iooked around, I noticed this entire forest was the tree of life! It grew so big that it created the forest! Such a mystery! Beautiful birds found their homes in the silver branches. I noticed that the music from the birds and the voices from the trees lost me in such wonder, I didn’t realize the leaves were speaking to me.

It was as though the tree was breathing. I could hear the sound of air entering its presence and then leaving with a gentle breeze. My eyes drifted upward towards the high branches shading me from what appeared to be the sunlight. I knew it was the glory of the Lord shining down on me.

“Come and eat my fruit.” The tree said, lowering a branch for me to see. As the leaves waved in front of my eyes, a light formed the most colorful fruit I have ever seen. I could smell its sweet flavor. I did not have to pull the fruit from the tree; it just yielded to me gently. I took a bite, and the juice ran down my chin onto my shirt.  

“Do you like the taste?” The tree asked

“I do!” I responded, “It is the best I have ever tasted in heaven.”

The Tree of Life chuckled, “This is the fruit you have yielded to me from within your heart. What you are eating is the love of God.”

I looked towards the tree again, and suddenly, Jesus was standing in front of me in the most brilliant light, with an unforgettable smile. Jesus spoke at the same time as the Tree of Life, “This is what your love tastes like to me.”

Can it be that our love towards the Lord is the sweetest taste in all of Heaven? Let your love become the very fruit upon the Tree of Life.


The Wisdom of The Ice Dragon: The Great Egg

Before we continue our journey to Athwani, it is time for you to understand the creation of dragons and how they began. Even a powerful beast has an intro into the created world of Athwani. The dragons call their world The Great Egg, but the angels call it Athwani. The Masters, who are the creators of all realities, humans, angels, and other spiritual creatures saw fit to make beasts of the spirit who are mighty in strength and composed of light.

The Wisdom of the Ice Dragon: Master of The Voice

Aviok Attune rushed forward, leaving a trail of fire behind him as he entered the portal created by the scroll. His wings cut through the wind and waves with power. As my vision cleared, I could see that we were flying over a vast sea of stories and time. It was an ocean with enormous waves rising to the sky like a whirlwind.