Mary and The Blue Star

I encourage you to read the bibliucal account in Luke 1:26-38. What was going on in Gabriel’s mind when he announced the coming of Jesus to Mary? Are you curious?

I saw the day Gabriel spoke to Mary. He is not what you would expect. Gabriel is very normal, humble, and calm in his voice. He is an angel of silver starlight; he stands in the light of dusk and dawn by the one who created him. Some angels call him the Blue Star of heaven. He is very much like a star, bold, fierce, brilliant, and kind.   

I watched Gabriel stand before Mary, holding his hand out to her to bring peace. He smiled to assure her she was safe with him. As his wings unfolded, time stood still for a brief moment as his voice filled reality. The angel’s robe of brilliant blue light fluttered with joy, like stars dancing in the sky. The gentle breeze of his appearance moved his curly white and silver hair. He paused a moment as Mary took deep breaths. Her eyes glowed from the silver blue light emanating from this powerful messenger.

As I looked at Gabriel, I noticed something in this angel’s heart. He knew the messiah and loved Him. His God, his king, is about to be born. Even if he did not fully understand it all, he knew it would be good news.  For a moment, Gabriel needed to pause to reflect before his words flowed from his mouth. What he was about to say was going to change the world. He was part of the greatest miracle ever seen on earth. God was about to become a man and save everything. His kingdom was coming. Gabriel remembered the conversations with his brothers, Michael, Raphael, and many more. The great question of the angels, how is humanity going to be saved? 

When Father sent Gabriel to the earth, he dashed across the skies of heaven into our planet, but the significance of such a message finally struck him. Jesus, the Son of God, is coming; the time is now. 

Gabriel’s eyes began to fill with tears of joy! It is good news! It is really good news! The angel wings moved up and down as his voice echoed in our time, “Greetings, favored one. The Lord is with you.” He continued to hold his hands out gracefully towards Mary, as he said, “God favors you, do not be afraid. You will conceive and bear a son, and you will call him Jesus. He shall be great, and his throne will last forever. He will sit on the throne of his father David, and His reign will have no end.

Mary questioned Gabriel as her eyes looked up towards his large, silver-blue wings, “I do not understand; how can this be? I have never been with a man; I have no husband. I am a virgin.”

Gabriel smiled as he watched the Holy Spirit descend in the room as a brilliant light. He encouraged her, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; and for that reason, the holy Child shall be called the Son of God.”

Gabriel spoke of Elizabeth and her pregnancy, “Is nothing impossible with God?” He asked her. He waited for her response. The room was silent; the distant glory from the realm of heaven waited for her response. Mary searched her own heart even if she didn’t fully understand; she wanted this path God had called her to. She searched Gabriel’s face and saw hope but also a plea within that she would obey God’s word.

She said with startling clarity, “I am the Lord’s servant. Lord, may it be done according to your word.” Mary inhaled deeply as it seemed ages since her last breath due to the magnificence of this encounter, “Yes, I am the Lord’s servant.”

Gabriel closed his eyes, and tears flowed down, but he quickly turned to leave. He didn’t want her to see him cry. Mary moved him by her willingness to give herself to this message, to this life that would forever change her, even Gabriel!  

My friends, there is so much more to know. Merry Christmas!

Psalm 82: The Gods Have Fallen

Based on the passage of Psalm 82, The Lord took me to the council of the holy ones, the Elohim, who once served God. It was their task to govern the nations, but they had failed. The Lord has allowed me to see these events supernaturally. Again, the magnitude of such experiences is far too great to put clearly into words, but I will do the best I can. 

Father, I ask for Grace in Jesus’ name.

Please read Psalm 82 before you continue further. 

I heard a loud voice shout, “Come!” Yahweh stood in the highest seat in a temple far too magnificent to describe. His presence filled the entire room, which seemed to have no walls or ceiling. His throne is the highest of all thrones, and none of the great ones whom He created can sit in His seat. 

Father’s appearance was more than a star of glory. Eternity flowed from the center of His chest like a river to the realms and heavens below. Under his feet was crystal stone sparkling like the most radiant jewel I have ever seen. His hair was white like a  lightning storm in full strength. His garment was a whirlwind of dazzling light and fire! As extraordinary as His face was, I do not have words to describe it other than it was shapes and colors I do not understand. He is beyond beautiful! I fell to the ground on my face before Him.

Again, He said, “Come!” He called with a voice like thunder. And before my eyes, I saw thrones appear in place around Yahweh, the uncreated God. Lightning struck these thrones, and the Elohim appeared.

The surrounding created gods I have spoken to before in previous encounters: Bwenith the Phoenix, Zinich the White Dragon, Vulthar Alon, The Three Moons, and The Hand of Lightning. Many more were seated around the great throne. 

Then in a flash, all of the Elohim changed into a figure of white light. I could not see any features accurately, but I could tell they appeared more human than before. Some carried the glory of the Lord, but some who had been disobedient carried darkness. This darkness was evolving with a longing for worship.

Yahweh commanded, “Be seated!” Then He opened His mouth, and I could see the entire universe, dimensions, and many spiritual realms as He spoke to the council. In the center, before the throne, was a giant tree with vibrant green leaves! A halo of light shone all around it. I knew this was the Tree of Life as I could feel the presence of the Lord strongly from this tree. Suddenly, Jesus stepped from within the tree in glory. 

Jesus did, however, look different this time, though I could recognize Him. In glory, He gestured to His Father with a slight head bow and then continued.

Jesus said, “I have summoned you because some of you have not been obedient to what we have asked. Your command is not only to rule your dimensions of the spirit world, but also to govern the nations in righteousness.”

Yahweh continued, “You have failed. Some of you have sought worship. Did I not scatter the people and command you to govern them? Now you have abused your authority and power to receive worship.” Yahweh’s eyes burned with fire. “You have failed.”

Jesus spoke, “How would you like to answer to your crimes against worship?” 

The Elohim were silent. Those who disobeyed lowered their heads. The ones who remained faithful continued to look into the eyes of their creator.

Father asked, “How long am I to deal with you? How long will you stir the nations towards wickedness?” Father’s eyes turned towards one of the gods, “You who stir the nations towards sexual pleasure, who manipulate the men in evil passions. Did I not dress you in robes of light and crown you with justice? Now you confuse the people and walk unjustly. My fire shall consume you!” 

Father turned to another, “You who call yourself the storm god, the one who brings the rains. What power do you have? I am the one who opens and closes the heavens.”

Yahweh convicted those who betrayed their original purpose one by one.  Yahweh stood from His seat, “Did I not make you all gods, sons of the Most High? All of you were created to stand before me and do justice in my name. You were designed to give wisdom to the nations and guide them through the darkness in my name. But now, you have grieved me. You have become a burden in the spirit realm to this council.”

Jesus’ body burned with a raging fire far too powerful for me to describe. His voice thundered, “Now you will die like men. You have become like dust.”

The throne had now become a firestorm! I fell to the ground to hide from what was about to happen. The faithful and the fallen Elohim took cover from the firestorm that crashed upon them. As I covered my head, I wept from hearing the sounds of the gods crying out towards their Creator. It was a noise I will never forget. 

A voice came from the throne, “Arise O God, judge the earth; for you shall inherit the nations. For you created them.”

Amid the storm, I saw Yahweh hold a sword of light. It was far more powerful than any sword I have ever seen. It dripped with hot molten lava in golden light. Sparks of lightning struck the crystal floor. I looked to find Jesus among the storm, but I did not see Him. A voice came to me again, “Micah, Jesus is the sword.” Father raised the sword and prepared to use it.

I cried out! “Oh, no! I am going to die with them. Help me! Someone help me! Father, have mercy on me.” I looked back into those eyes of fire. For a moment, Father looked at me.

Father declared,  ” Today, I cast you out of my presence. All of you shall die!” Father struck the crystal pavement, and everything exploded. I saw the very foundation of spiritual realm shift and even the realms of glory become dim as Yahweh’s judgment tore open a dimension into darkness. I heard the gods mourn loudly as something was leaving them. I cannot describe it. Something was leaving them. My words fail me, but I saw the true glory of God stripped from them. Even those who remained faithful to Yahweh were judged and there was nothing they could do but receive their punishment. 

As Yahweh tore open the black hole with His power, I was able to catch a glimpse of one of the faithful beings, Bwenith the Phoenix, in his human form. Even though terror gripped him, his hands touched my head as if to say, “It is not over. You will help us again. Show us how real sons worship Yahweh.” 

I was, however, was covered with wings. All the fire and glass went around me. Father’s eyes were still on me then. He turned his attention to the gods, and with a voice like thunder, he shouted, “Get out!” Yahweh scattered the gods like shooting stars! Away they went from His presence. Yahweh crushed their seats with a terrible lightning strike and a dust cloud covered the room. The ground split open, and the waters fell towards the earth.

I remained protected.  The fire of God calmed, and suddenly Satan appeared. In his princely attire, he walked forward, shaking his head. His shaded golden wings dragged the floor. He cannot hide his real appearance before the Lord.

Satan mocked God, “Once more you have failed, oh King of Kings. What makes you think your children will ever love you?” He laughed. “You are a failure, so emotional. You always get upset when you don’t have your way, oh King of Kings, God of all Gods!” He bowed while twiddling his fingers. 

Lucifer turned around to wave goodbye to all the gods scattering, “Goodbye!” He chuckled. “Your children will never worship you. I will make sure of it. I will now go and manipulate the gods, and they will work for me — those who are foolish enough to. I will be exalted above you, and you will bow to me.” Lucifer turned into a hellish prince, so dark, twisted, and alone. His cold, dark eyes bled with such pride I could hardly look at him. 

Father leaned down to face Satan, and in great power,, He said, “Get out, Satan. Now!” His eyes burned again. “Your time has not yet come.”

Satan quickly disappeared.

Father’s gaze turned towards me as He held the sword of the Lord, “Micah, go and rest. Remember what you have seen. Tell my priest that the battle for worship is coming to an end. I will be exalted among the nations. The fallen gods have lost all authority, but pure worship to me will remove them forever.” 

I asked, “Lord, what about those who were faithful to you? Some of the gods still loved you.”

Father answered, “They will find another purpose even if they must wander the earth. But I know they will find it. Through you, my child, they shall be restored. They will spread the worship of Yahweh to every nation. My Son has made the way!”