Light and Darkness

The Bright Shadows…

This place I have been brought to is not fantasy. It is hidden in plain sight. Lost in the finding of dreams and reality. The Garment of God—the created space of all light and darkness. Yes, hidden in darkness, but found in light. Both are as He. I have stood before the creator of light and darkness. Great flashes of lighting dance on His hands, yet clouds of great darkness surround Him. Among His heavenly robe, great falls of water flow upon the sea on which He stands. Rising up from the great falls are glorious angels of power and might. They (angels) rise up as the garment flows down. Like rolling thunder, great waves of light billow out from His robe drawing me into Him…like the shadowed room in the back. “Come,” the voice says, “Into hiddenness, into understanding. The beginning of secrets and the finding of knowledge.” Yes, it is His very clothing that drips down into the realities below. The hem of his garment surely fills the temple of the earth and the halls of heaven. The Robe of the Eternal One is but an invitation to come deeper into the Greatness of God.

“Come,” Says the Holy One. Behind the Veil…into the light. “Come dance in the hidden darkness, the secrets of God. Come gaze upon Him clothed in majesty—covered in the stars of the deep night.”

Who will search…what will they find? And will they return?

Behold God

When the angels had left me upon the sea of glass, I was expecting to meet countless people all praising God, but instead, it was quiet upon the waves, and there was only one standing right in front of me. He was God—the Maker of all spirits and bodies of the world above and below. He was incomparable to all things in heaven. I cannot comprehend His glory! He was brighter than all the lights of heaven. Even the light inside an angel came from the dust of His hands. God, who is also called Father, desired my company at this very moment. He held out his hands like diamonds—His whole body was likened unto diamonds shining in the sunlight. As He held out His hands to me, Father said sweetly, “Come sit with me.” A gentle breeze danced around me from His breath and the sea of glass rippled from beneath His feet which became like fire!

Behind the Veil: The Throne of Skulls (Part 3)

Lucifer chuckled as he approached Jesus and I. He studied me with cold eyes. It was hard to look at him…seeing such eyes of Love in the Lord to eyes of hate and cruelty in Satan, made my soul tear away. Lucifer is a fickle spirit. He hates and loves himself; it drives him mad. His appearance was lovely to the eye, smoothed black hair and a trimmed beard. His eyes were black with a hint of green in them. He wanted flattery; he conducted himself like a prince—dressed with precious stone embroidered in his robe. He appeared gentle, but he was like a beast ready to turn at any moment. He raised his hands as he approached us as if to exult himself over the void. He winced when Jesus did not acknowledge him.

“Aren’t you going to say hello to me, Son of Righteousness.” He chuckled, “Oh that’s right you haven’t changed a bit.” Lucifer was like a viper; poisonous by his words. He turned to me with wide eyes and knelt down, “You like him Micah? He is so cruel bringing you here. Always thinking of himself… He is always taking what is his like a stingy child. You see, I have what belongs to me, and he won’t take that away. I have what you do not, and that is my will. You sacrifice yourself with blood and tears to get what he wants and that is just…” He paused a moment and looked down into his black hands, “Sad.”

Behind the Veil: The Shadowed Trees (Part 2)

My companion had lead me to the Shadowed Trees. He was silent, I was cold…bitter cold. I used his robe to wipe my face from the dust blowing around me. Occasionally there would be powerful dust storms that would sweep across the void. Whipping around the sharp rocks, black phantom like spirits who appeared like grim reapers of some kind. My Companion said, “They know who you are, but they cannot touch you.” We continued through the shadowed forest ignoring the taunting trees. They had faces, grueling faces that quickly changed to innocent pleasing countenances. I was suddenly startled by the groaning sound of the sky above me. Flashes of lighting emitted from the clouds; however, the light did not spread. The light would not travel and the sky twisted as if it was sick.

Behind the Veil: The Void and The Boiling River (Part 1)

I am beginning a three-part series on my journey through the Mid-heavens called Behind the Veil. It is three part encounter I had with Holy Spirit, Jesus, and the Father. While I cannot possibly share everything because it would take a while, I will share the big points God revealed to me in three parts. Check back again for the rest….

“Come with me,” My companion said. He, The Companion, is Holy Spirit. He comes as my friend, my guide. He comes as white mist in the form of a man who face shines like a glowing sun. I cannot see his features. He glides across the floor as the hem of his robe emits fire. He is kind, but firm. He is love, but takes no darkness among you. He comes with fire if he senses darkness. His goal is that you would become like Jesus in fullness. I stood and followed my companion behind a veil deep into the darkness. He was my only light onto the path because in this place, there was no light only void—a blackness so cold I trembled.

Hunger Pain

Yesterday while traveling to Clifton to visit an amazing friend of mine, I had an interesting encounter with the Lord. Like most times when I am driving, I end up reflecting on the goodness of God and the hunger in my heart for more of him. I turned on my worship music to sing when a pain surfaced in my spirit. I became so desperate for Jesus that I felt such an intense hunger pain. I began to cry deeply for him—I could barely say his name without that pain in my heart being present. It was awesome…I mustered everything I could find in my heart to say his name and each time I did, an intensity of his love would overcome me. His love—so intense and flowing tackled me over and over again, but that desire for him was so painful that nothing else matter! I wanted him! I wanted to walk with him! I wanted to leave everything behind and follow him.