Through the crystal light, the angel whom I call Coach, brought me to another dimension in heaven. Yes, it was very colorful here, by the opening stood two great lions with enormous wings with eyes all over their bodies. They were as tall as skyscrapers and as wide as a football stadium! Their bodies were so bright with glory and their eyes were within and around. Fire appeared to dance around them. My breath was captured by these creatures whom inhabit the throne room of heaven.

Ruins of War

I was taken to the mid-heavens for the first time three years ago. I have seen it before only to be observed. But as for my first, Christ Jesus by his power walked with me through the mid-heavens or the Void as some angels call it. You can read about one of my experiences through this void in the series Behind the Veil located in the Angels and Demons tab. On my journey one day of walking among darkness, I noticed this was not hell, but Ruins of War within the heavens. The Father walked with me this particular time. Yes, the Father! He was amazing! He began to speak to me about the Void or Mid-heavens these are the words he said to me,


Gold Sunlight

I slowly closed my eyes as I began to transport to the heaven. I was greeted by a simple but beautiful angel. He was emitting a soft golden glow from his body. He was in white slacks and had a white dress shirt tucked into his pants. He was tall and thin, but very healthy looking. He had no shoes, and his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. There he stood, waiting for me at the entrance to this powerful place. Behind him was a bridge that led into this golden forest. The bridge sparkled among the dancing trees as the glory surrounded them.

Lord of Spirits (Part 1)

Hello everyone! I am beginning another series called Lord of Spirits. My purpose in writing this is so that you would understand more about the angels, and other beings of heaven called spirits. Not all beings are angels, some are spirits of heaven. And they would be classified, along with the angels as the host of heaven. God is sometimes referred to as the God of Spirits (Revelation 22:6 or Numbers 27:16) and The Lord of Host (Isaiah 6:3 and 1 Kings 22:19). The host of heaven answer to his leadership and does his works. Not all of them are angels, which are another kind of spirit. Some of them look very different, but all answer to God. Heaven is full of mystery and wonder; it is impossible to comprehend the majesty of God. In these coming post, you will learn of your identity as the angels and other beings explain the purpose of man who also have a spirit and the difference between our spirit and theirs. Also, this will be the first time I tried spelling out the languages of heaven. I am totally taking a risk here as I have no idea how to spell them, but I tried by the way it sounded. have fun with that! I hope you find these encouraging and may you marvel at his work once again!

America, God says “Mercy!”

I felt the need to post this today! I feel a chill in the spirit realm, a fear griping God’s people for the coming days. If you are an intercessor, please pray and release the angelic host right now over our country. Proclaim and decree the majesty and authority of our God into the air. Do not let fear grip you. This is a visitation I had received from Michael earlier this year, please read and pray: