The Kiss: Lord Jesus (Part 1)

The place of healing, I was feeling lost and abandoned one day—at the end of my strength;  I cried out to God for help. It had been some time since I have seen the Lord Jesus and I missed Him. Nothing will ever take His place. As I cried out to God for strength because the warfare was too thick, His voice broke in, “Micah, I am with you!” His voice opened the realm of heaven, and I was launched into the brightness of His glory—beyond the stars and all dimension—into His presence of warm light. But I still did not see Him.

Mr. Angel

I remember one particular day I was taking a walk when a very youthful looking angel appeared next to me and gave me a wedgie. He had white short hair that sparkled with glory and a long white robe mingled with silver, glowing dust. His wings were large feathers of blue, but he hid them once he stood with me. He was over six feet tall with an athletic body type.

Guardian of the North

There are angels guard the perimeters of nations and cities. Some answer to angels of higher authority to receive direction and new assignments. It is important to know that not all angels look like what we can understand; some look as if they are from another world entirely. These are beings of great power that are made by the hand of the Almighty God. I have seen into dimensions of angels that have taken my breath away, and I will speak of one who has a partner. He is a War Chief and his partner a Golden Phoenix. In another realm, they watch and obey the voice of the Lord.

Enoch’s Blessing

Upon the coals of sparkling fire, I walked with my Lord…deep…deep into the realms of the heart of God. Gentle spirits touched my nose as I made my way through the beautiful unknown. By light I traveled to the coming of human beings; light like waterfalls poured into this realm. I could see more—thousands of spirits rising into brightness of light, but I do not know where they were going. Still I walked among the stones of fire that were separated by beautiful colors.

Funny Angels and Fuzzy Things

Let It, Snow:

One day while walking in the snow, an angel had appeared next to me whistling “Let it, Snow.” He was shining white light and had a gold and white Santa hat on his head.  He was in a full-length robe with huge glimmering wings. He was dressed as if it was cold outside though I know he wasn’t. “Evening,” He greeted rather cheerfully, “Are you cold?”