The White Eagle: The Night Owls

This is the continued visitation of The White Eagle: Chazah. Please refer to that post for context. 

I Lifted my head once more to see our destination as we flew into the Face of God. The realm of light is so breathtaking! All my senses are overload with imagination and destiny. Incredible, indescribable brightness welcomed me as Chazah, and I went into intimacy with God. Chazah, being a depiction of Jesus, His greatest desire is that we would know God intimately and that we might find our place is in His light. Eventually, we entered the Face of God, a divine light of gold and silver! I cannot comprehend the glory of the Creator, but my home was looking me right in the eyes and a smile of love kissed my heart—behold your God.

Living Creatures: Divine Revelation

The great light from heaven held me while I entered the reality of His world. I stood before God upon the sea of glass that radiated like crystal. I felt the intense love of God dramatically drawing me into Him—it pulled me closer. I could not resist it. I didn’t want to. I began my journey through thousands of angels towards my Father. In a blink, I was standing before steps of gold to enter my destiny—communion with God.

The Garden of God

It was the morning light of heaven that welcomed me into the garden of God. The glory of the Lord was so warm and peaceful. As I walked through the garden, Jesus was waiting for me near the apple trees in the center. His appearance was breathtaking with eyes of overwhelming love. He smiled with the light of God that gracefully held my heart. He is dazzling in glory, and the angels sang our beautiful love as He approached me. He held my hand and said, “My love for you, Micah is like this sweet garden. I have come to walk here for my pleasure. You are the garden of God—a place where beauty and life are held for me alone.” Jesus held me close, “My beautiful son, do not have any other god but me. I alone am Lord of your heart. Let me come to my garden of delight and meet with you.” When He said this, the wings of angels covered us while roses rained down from the sky. He took my hand, and we walked down a path of gentle tulips joining in the song of angels…

The Kiss: Holy Spirit (Part 3)

A great wind had blown passed me as I set upon my father’s shoulders; He grinned with such pleasure – all He wanted to do was be with me! I could hear the voices of mysteries within the balls of light among the Field Dreams! Each one containing the very beginning of eternity; as if it had its own grasp upon the fabric of reality within the dimensions of life! The father looked at me and said,  “Each dream I give is a gift for you to see into eternity – holiness is eternity. Holiness is in the DNA of your spirit.”

The Kiss: God The Father (Part2)

Jesus led me towards the Father’s throne of light, and His glory reflected off His glass-like robe. Beautiful depictions of His glory were beyond my description, but each wave of light spoke to me. Voices that came from the throne of light joined with my spirit with fire! Jesus held my hand as He guided me upstream and deep into the light. “Come, Micah, the Kiss of God awaits you.” We climbed up golden steps with water flowing down into the river below. It was an enchanting invitation to draw near Him; He is the fountain of life!  Jesus and I entered the throne when suddenly everything became pure white, and Jesus disappeared.