Demons: The Dungeon

The darkness crawled around me creating disturbing, contorting visions I had when I was child. There was no light…no light at all. Darkness. It was cold down here which was odd. The air was toxic! The only breath I had was that of poison entering my spirit. As I searched around this cold darkness, a deformed figure approached me. He was covered in shadows from this place and out of his body spewed the smell of rotting flesh. I could not fully see his form, but his eyes were red and he snorted like a wild beast. He walked towards me with his huge bat like wings that stretched out over him. He was chained up…someone had bound him! He glared at me intensely and then continued to walk around me. He was cold—I knew if he wanted to get his hands on me he would. This story I am about to tell you is called The Dungeon.