The Dying Spirit

You might find this encounter odder than those that I have shared before. The dying spirit is what is actually happening. Where I am taking you is not about me, but about a spirit who is desperate for Jesus. I was watching this event purely as a spectator. This encounter is not about me, but about a world that we may find it hard to see if we do not change the way we think. This world, which I am about to describe to you is right before you. Sometimes it is above, or beneath, but most importantly, it is there! The spirit world and this dying spirit need Jesus Christ. Please read the events I present to you and believe.

I was in the spirit world with several angels. My angel, Eden, was one of them, guiding me through this world. It wasn’t that I am new to the spiritual realms or its inhabitants, but I saw something I never expected, 

I saw lying before me in this cracked, broken dimension, a spirit dying. Its life was hanging by one more breath; it seemed. I wanted to help the spirit, but Eden held me back from engaging.

“Stay put, please.” He said in a demanding tone. I didn’t move, but I wanted to help. This spirit was dying. Eden knew, but he didn’t waiver, and he was too strong for me to bypass. “I know you want to help, but you cannot. Not yet. That will come.”

I watched the spirit bleed out a form of light, but it was not pure at all, nor was it evil. The spirit appeared like a red-haired woman with fair skin. She had long, red hair down to her shoulders. Her eyes were green, but weak. Her clothes were worn down… almost as if she was homeless. She laid on her stomach, clawing the ground in pain and gasping for air. She cried out in her language for help, but no one came. The angels did nothing; they watched her. 

I begged Eden, “Please, can we help her; I want to help her! You can’t just stand here and do nothing. Aren’t you a spirit too? Do you not care?”

Eden looked at me with eyes full of tears, “I do care, Micah, but what she needs we cannot give her. I know what it feels like to have pain, but I cannot take her pain away.” Eden’s voice was barely audible from the emotion he felt. I turned to the other angels with me, who were also heartbroken by this dying spirit.

At that moment, Jesus stepped from between Eden and me quickly and knelt to pick up the dying spirit. He laid her in his lap, and her head was buried deep in his chest. She cried out to Him. 

I realized that this spirit was calling for Him! I turned to Eden, and he was crying! His wings hung low from feeling the pain of this spirit. I held his hand, “Eden, I am here for you too.” 

Eden smiled through his tears, “Thank you.” He said, as a mother says to her child, who is too small to understand. Eden squeezed my hand while turning back to Jesus and the dying spirit.

Jesus comforted her, “You are not alone. I am here with you. I am right here.” He wiped her tears and His own from dripping on her hair. 

She moaned through her pain. Her dried, torn fingernails gripped Jesus’ garment, “Jesus!” She cried out, “Help me, Jesus. I am dying, and no one loves me.”

Jesus threw his head back and then forward, allowing blood to flow from his hair down onto her. His blood flowed down from his face and hair onto her head, staining her hair.  She slowly stopped crying and became peaceful. Jesus looked at me briefly to see if I was watching. 

Suddenly, her body started to glow brightly until she turned into small clusters of light. She faded away into the air. Jesus watched the lights fly away as if He gave her the grace to go somewhere beautiful.

Jesus turned to me and smiled again while His hair dripped with blood, which now covered His face. He walked towards me and kissed His two fingers, then touched my lips. I could taste His blood, but I didn’t know what to do. 

Jesus disappeared quickly. Eden squeezed my hand to get my attention, “You must understand, Micah. Jesus is not the man you think He is. He has chosen who He wants to be for all His creation, spirit and flesh. Do not box him into your understanding. 

And with that, my friends, I leave you to ponder this event in the spirit world. May we be free as Jesus is free!   

The City of Kings: Flying Eagles and White Doves

I waited for Father to say what was in his mind. The diamond dust glistened in the white light from Father’s presence as he opened his right hand to release a flock of white doves! Thousands of them flew together in perfect harmony with each other. Off of their feathers came a light like a rainbow when the rain mingles with the sunlight. The doves flew around me, cooing and singing praises to God in a heavenly language. I felt such joy, so much pleasure that I could not stop giggling! 

Father then opened his left hand, and golden eagles flew out around me! They were shining in such pure golden light that I have never seen on earth before. The tips of their wings were on fire. The eagles and the doves mixed as they flew, and I heard the sounds of the wind intensify around me. The wind carried the diamond dust around the throne room, forming it into a figure. I couldn’t see his face. He stood before me, holding the wind on the inside of Him. 

He bowed slightly, “Micah, it is the season of the eagles and the doves. 

I asked, “Are you the Holy Spirit?”

He answered, “I am the wind which blows around you, inside you, and through you. I am Ru’ah, the wind that is the Spirit of God who hovered over the waters and entered your heart. I am the Holy Spirit. It is the season of the eagles and the doves.” He smiled for a moment even though I couldn’t see his face during this time; I know he was smiling. He helped me to stand. “You must stand for this moment. I am giving you a gift to encourage the children, those who are doves, and those who are eagles–they who carry the peace of God so that they may be restored and those who carry his presence in hearing his voice. Say to the children; they know their heavenly Father’s voice.”

It all seemed a bit much for me; I didn’t know how to respond to his words. Instead, he gently held my head and said, “Have peace. I know this is a bit much for you right now. You will learn.” He chuckled, “The children will teach you. Right now, you will travel to The City of Kings to learn about the eagle and the dove.”

He held my hand to guide me closer to the Throne of God, who had remained silent during the Holy Spirit and my conversation. The Holy Spirit said, “Micah, the children shall show them the way into an encounter and laughter. Both these things the enemy hates.” The Holy Spirit waved his hand, and Lightning appeared again standing by a gate leading into Father’s heart. The Holy Spirit said, “You will go with the spirit of the dove and the eagle to hear what the little ones of Heaven have to teach you.”

He squeezed my hand slightly and chuckled again. I asked him, “What is so funny?”

He answered, “I am happy! I am always happy! I am happy to be with you; I am happy to guide you. I am happy to speak with you! I am happy!” He turned towards Lightning, who was now walking towards us, “Go on and finish your ride to the city. There is much for you to hear, see, and learn.” He smiled once more and turned into the sparkling wind around me.

Lightning was ready to go! However, I was a little bit stunned by my emotions. Lightning’s head bunted me gently, “Are you ready? Do you need a moment?”

“Can we take our time walking through the door? I want to ponder everything for a minute.” 

Lightning agreed with a slight nod and waited for me to mount. Instead, I just placed my hand under his chin and walked with him on the shining air around the throne of God.  Everything seemed to come back to normal. The floating dust turned into the angels singing. The doves and eagles continued to fly around the area; it was very enchanting. The living creatures formed again around Father’s throne–everything was coming back to normal. 

Lightning and I kept walking towards the door of light centered on Father’s chest. I could hear echoing voices coming from his heart. Brilliant sparks of light splashed from the door on his chest like fireworks. I knew this was Father’s happiness revealing itself to me. Lightning stayed with me as my hand touched his chin. I looked at him to see what he was thinking. His fiery mane crackled, and his wings were calm. He is lovely to have with you.

When we reached the entrance to Father’s heart, I inquired, “Is there anything you would like to say to me before I go? I am assuming you are not going with me.”

Lightning answered, “No, I am not going with you. You will see me when you are ready to return home. I do wish to say, please tell the children where they are born. They come from Him. Children are the joy of Father’s heart like they are to Mommy and Daddy. As they grow on the earth, they will always be the apple of His eye. Keep on laughing, smiling, and believing.” Lightning flew away, turning into a spirit of light around the throne, saying farewell to me.

I stood in front of the door, which seemed to be flesh, but I was not sure. I walked inside the bright door, and the eagles and doves followed me inside. As I walked through the door, the wind carried me with the eagles and the doves higher into Heaven, passing by giant waterfalls glowing like a rainbow. Babies played with Jesus and he spoke to each one in a field of flowers that gave the purest scent of sweetness and happiness. Oh, the babies laughed so much with him and he knew each one.

The wind spoke through the doves and the eagles, “These are the spirits who live inside God before they go to earth. At the moment of conception, the soul is created and Father brings the child’s spirit into the womb. You can say that God is pregnant with thousands of promises. That’s what each child is, a promise! But we will not stop here. We continue to travel to the City of Kings.” The wind carried the eagles, doves and me higher into glory to my final destination.