Encounters and Writings

Skin to Skin

Jeremiah 1:5, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. I set you apart…”

It was a beautiful Fall day when I was meditating on the above passage in which the Holy Spirit led me to read it over and over again. In doing so, I felt fire burn in my heart. The intensity swelled up significantly when I tried to take a deep breath for relief. As I tried to adjust to this new feeling, Holy Spirit began to blow around me as I waited in my room for Him. I slowly lifted my head to encounter Holy Spirit who was standing before me like a man set on fire.

His head was like a blue fire and His eyes burned like lightning. He was glowing with all the glory of God bursting out of His chest. Holy Spirit’s lower half was calm, but flames were spinning upward which created a garment for Him. I began to softly tremble in His presence as He spoke to me, “I have come to take you to your Father. He wishes to spend time in your presence.” Faster than thoughts, I was suddenly standing in front of the throne of God.

It was very peaceful before the great throne of light. I did not see angelic majesties, or even the saints standing around Him. It was just my Father, wrapped in a holy light like a garment. His presence is indescribable…beauty beyond what eyes can behold! His love radiated out of Him like banners of light circling Him. All that was standing between God and me was a giant sea of crystal light which reflected His splendor. Without hesitation, I made my way on the see towards the Throne of Light

The waves were calm and beautiful to me! The waves parted which created a path for me to walk towards my Father. I remember the feeling of the waves touching my face! Each frequency created a sound of laughter and delight! Even in the midst of these waves guiding me to the throne, my eyes had never left the face of God.

I had now come to the steps of oil leading up to the throne of God lifted high! Still, His gaze was on me. His eyes of blue fire shown with a fierce passion for me. “Come,” He said in a whisper, but with cracking sound of thunder. I climbed each step that was flowing with oil like a brook rolling down the crafted stone of earth. Each step I took caused the Father’s eyes to burn hotter and hotter. The very desire of His heart made Him undone with Love for me. His chest opened up emitting brilliant light and wildfire. Again He spoke, “Come closer, do not delay any longer.” His hands of pure diamonds opened to me, and I could see millions of spirits coming out of His chest and moving back into His heart. When I completed my climb, I was standing face to face with God.

I was so close to Him, our noses touched, and His breath entered my spirit. He said, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, my son. Your voice cried out to me from the depths of my heart. I heard the sound of your heartbeat within me. I carried you as a mother carries her own. You never left my face, child of light. Can you remember the days of dwelling in the womb of God? Can you recall the rhythm of my heartbeat? What if my lost children remembered my words spoken to them, would they come home to me?” The Father picked me up to rest on His lap with my face buried in His chest. The fragrance of your Father is breathtaking, and the contact of His “Skin” is unlike anything I can describe to you.


Father parted His His garment of light so that we could have skin to skin contact! Then He breathed deeply with a pounding heart, but not with anxiety or fear. It was just pure, intense love! His hand was resting on my head as His child found security and safety by His heart. I could feel everything; I could feel the intimacy we had before I was born. I could feel the joy He had when He carried me. Then, I began to remember.

I remembered this moment, not just one moment but the many I shared with Him resting on His chest. Then with incredible emotion, my Father spoke, “You could talk to me here. Whenever you desired to speak with me, this is how we communicated. You spoke right to my heart. I felt every word from you. You asked to come to the earth, Micah. I didn’t release you so quickly; we spent time here first. I spoke to you, the dreams from my heart. You smiled towards me with purity as I kissed your lips child.”

“I remember, Father,” I whispered back to Him. He held me tighter and chuckled. I sat up to look in His eyes with a smile. His held my face. “You don’t forget anything do you?” I asked Him.

He smiled, “No I do not. Son, ask my children, do you remember? Say to those who hear you; your Daddy wishes to speak to you the conversation only you and I know. In me, you have your home. In me, you live move and breathe.”

After He spoke this to me, I was instantly back in my room with Holy Spirit standing in front of me. He said, “I will remind you of those moments if you allow me too. When you were conceived, I carried you in the womb. I was the one who sealed the promises spoken over you when you left your Daddy’s arms. If you need me to remind you, then just ask.”

Holy Spirit disappeared.

Acts 17:28, “For “‘In Him, we live and move and have our being’; as even some of your own poets have said, “‘For we are indeed his offspring.’

Encounters and Writings

Behold His Glory

While in blissful worship, my heart was poured out to the lover of my soul. As the spirit world opened to me,  I watched the glory of God descend in all His splendor. My best friend and only King pulled my heart towards Him by His love! I could not turn away from this excellent site! His glory rained down from heaven like a soft dazzling light. Something in the darkness distracted me.

Encounters and Writings

Dance of the Elements.

Psalm 150:6, “Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD!”

Encounters and Writings

The Angel Praise

I was waiting on the Lord by sing to Him or telling Jesus how much I love Him. Usually when I do this, I just literally speak out loud why I love Jesus and why I like Him so much. Doing this puts me in the attitude of thankfulness and praise. Frequently, angels show up next to me to add to the worship coming from my heart, but a new friend visited me, the angel Praise.

Encounters and Writings

Hall of Worlds

Jesus led me by the hand into a great hall of beautifully designed worlds. Their intelligent design stole my breath away as our Father created each world with intense care. Jesus smiled towards me and said, “There is much for you to know Micah. Our Father is still dreaming of a new kingdom that will spread beyond what your mind can conceive!”