Small Things

I tend to be so out of focus on normal things it seems. I go to work and forget to do my hair. I sometimes forget to press my clothes…I will drink too much water at night and will have to use the bathroom multiple times at night. I tend to forget my bills when I really try not to. There is just so much more about me that is funny, but I sometimes let those things define me. I struggle with being normal. Or maybe being whole…I am in pieces because I tend to fail at normal life. I define myself by what people say or make fun of me for. I base my worth on forgetting to do my hair, or my clothes I didn’t press, maybe my clothes are too big. All these things can make me feel really insecure because I try so hard to get it right. I get comments like, “Hopeless, or you need counseling Micah. You are so strange. Micah doesn’t know what he is saying. Micah doesn’t think” I laugh it off but then I wonder if I’ll ever get it right.