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Behind the Veil: The Throne of Skulls (Part 3)

Lucifer chuckled as he approached Jesus and I. He studied me with cold eyes. It was hard to look at him…seeing such eyes of Love in the Lord to eyes of hate and cruelty in Satan, made my soul tear away. Lucifer is a fickle spirit. He hates and loves himself; it drives him mad. His appearance was lovely to the eye, smoothed black hair and a trimmed beard. His eyes were black with a hint of green in them. He wanted flattery; he conducted himself like a prince—dressed with precious stone embroidered in his robe. He appeared gentle, but he was like a beast ready to turn at any moment. He raised his hands as he approached us as if to exult himself over the void. He winced when Jesus did not acknowledge him.

“Aren’t you going to say hello to me, Son of Righteousness.” He chuckled, “Oh that’s right you haven’t changed a bit.” Lucifer was like a viper; poisonous by his words. He turned to me with wide eyes and knelt down, “You like him Micah? He is so cruel bringing you here. Always thinking of himself… He is always taking what is his like a stingy child. You see, I have what belongs to me, and he won’t take that away. I have what you do not, and that is my will. You sacrifice yourself with blood and tears to get what he wants and that is just…” He paused a moment and looked down into his black hands, “Sad.”

I held onto Jesus’ hand because I could feel the lure for power. Satan must have seen that in me, when he saw me hold Jesus’ hand for security, he gasped, “Gotcha…You want power. You want your will. You want to end suffering…by his name so many suffer! You can do things without his help you know… I am independent, strong, and able to do what I please.” He smiled at me, “Power to end injustice, power to change the hearts of men…power Micah.” Lucifer stood up to look Jesus in the eyes, “Looks like you made the wrong choice Jesus. He is troubled…very troubled.”

I closed my eyes and held onto Jesus’ hand tighter, “No,” I said to myself, “I will not obtain power on my own. Jesus rules…he knows everything and His resurrection power in me is more powerful than any smoke and mirrors. I live for his pleasure…his will alone is my desire.”

I opened my eyes looking straight ahead to stay focus. The smoke of this realm touched me now, its voice plagued my mind, “Why is he (Jesus) doing this…why is he making me suffer?” Again I composed myself trying to not listen to the lies. I spoke out loud, “Jesus, you love me. You love me! I worship you Jesus.”

I turned my attention to the exchange Lucifer had with Jesus. The Dark Prince said, “You and I–we are the same, I have so much to give but I give to those who love me. Who have a need, you just…”

Jesus interrupted Lucifer, “You don’t have long Lucifer. Do what you are allowed to do.” Jesus eyes were fire!

The Demon Prince stepped back and waved his hand and we transported to a throne room. Lucifer’s demonic laugh filled the hall as the appearance of this black throne began to rise behind him. Lucifer walked backwards and then turned to climb steps composed of skulls.

He sat on a throne atop the skulls and black blood flowed out like a river before him. Hovering around him were two great dark angels with shadowed-feathered wings—void of all light.

Jesus turned to me and smiled saying, “Pride and Jealousy Micah, those are the angels hovering about him. The blood is just mockery of the river of life flowing from my throne.”

I felt dazed, “Jesus I’m sorry this is very hard for me,” I Said. “He is so cruel to play with my weakness like that.” I felt like I had just been raped. “Jesus I am sorry.”

Jesus held me close, “I wanted you to see how evil Satan is Micah. It was given for you to know…tell my church how cruel Satan is and he is not to be messed with, but also he is not to be feared. My power lives inside you Son. I am the vine and there is no life away from me.” He tightened his grip and the fog left my mind.

I took a deep breath and life sparked in me again. I focused more on the throne Lucifer sat on, it was black stone, but cut perfectly. It sparkled with some kind of glory, but it was all made by him. He was seated high above Jesus and I; mounded on skulls with blood flowing. The dark angels spoke names and tittles around Satan to flatter his insecurities. As I looked deeper, I noticed incredible sadness and fear inside him. He truly was a monster; all because he was afraid, sad, broken, lonely and depressed. His rage was an uncontrolled beast.

Jesus said to me, “These skulls remind him of the people he has killed. Most of them gave their lives to him; they gave up their blood. Lucifer loves to feel the blood of his victims because it is my blood that depowers him.” I studied our surroundings for a moment. I noticed demons all over the ceiling of this great hall we stood in. No light, just darkness and these demons breathed in the black smoke that oozed from Lucifer’s throne. These demons were like deformed humans with wings. Some were headless; some didn’t have limbs. They hovered above us in the black cloud. The demons appeared to be pointing at us and then growled like wild dogs.

“Welcome Son of Man,” Lucifer shouted from his throne. Lucifer looked at me again with his cold eyes, “You know Micah, he built this place and allowed me to stay here. It is by his will all this evil is allowed. My throne…” He lusted in his power by closing his eyes, “Is forever.”

He became enraged and commanded his demons to surround us in some kind of demonic tongue.

Horrifying screams filled the throne room. And darkness surrounded us in a breathtaking whirlwind. I could faintly see Lucifer on his throne with eyes now black and his face changing into a dragon. I did not let go of Jesus, I buried my head into his shoulder trying to keep from being afraid.

But Jesus…Jesus was calm…unmoving. Jesus opened his right hand and the flame of glory surged outwardly pushing back the darkness. The sound was indescribable. The fires of heaven extended around us pushing the demons and dark whirlwind away yet, the battle between true light and darkness continued: The darkness tried to overcome the light and it forced its way upon us like the head of snake eating its prey, but Jesus was to powerful. Again the light pushed the darkness back with spectacular glowing fire. Lighting struck the demons by the radiant face of Jesus.

I began to laugh because I knew Jesus had won. He has overcome! The darkness and the demons burned in flame…terror!

Lucifer was pushed against his throne and begged Jesus to go. “Leave me! Get out of here! You come to torment me? Leave…” Lucifer’s glory faded away like mist.

The light surrounded us like a dome or shield and shot us threw Lucifer’s throne room and into the void sky. Hundreds of demons pursued us!

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