Encounters and Writings

Behind the Veil: The Shadowed Trees (Part 2)

My companion had lead me to the Shadowed Trees. He was silent, I was cold…bitter cold. I used his robe to wipe my face from the dust blowing around me. Occasionally there would be powerful dust storms that would sweep across the void. Whipping around the sharp rocks, black phantom like spirits who appeared like grim reapers of some kind. My Companion said, “They know who you are, but they cannot touch you.” We continued through the shadowed forest ignoring the taunting trees. They had faces, grueling faces that quickly changed to innocent pleasing countenances. I was suddenly startled by the groaning sound of the sky above me. Flashes of lighting emitted from the clouds; however, the light did not spread. The light would not travel and the sky twisted as if it was sick.


My companion said, “Tricks Micah. That is not real light. It is tricks to deceive and destroy. Demonic power from this realm is only copied power from the real thing. There is a price to pay for demonic power…the soul. Satan knows this and he will grant those powers in exchange for their soul.” My Companion paused and looked at me. He could see my thoughts racing. He smiled, “But Christ power—the blood of Jesus can redeem any soul given to the devil. He took the keys from Satan…Jesus has power over death!” Once again the void growled at the name of Jesus and the trees’ branches became like withered hands squabbling in pain at the name of Jesus.

My Companion smiled at me once again and suddenly Jesus stepped out of the Holy Spirit in radiant glory. My Companion turned into a ball of fire in the hand of Jesus. I was so amazed that I had forgotten where I was for a moment. I heard my Companion say, “Behold the Son of God. Your King, your friend.” Jesus placed his left hand on my shoulder to secure me. Jesus is so beautiful…the brightest blue eyes look upon you with such love that you’ll never want to look away. His robe was white and he had on a white hood (Kinda Epic).

Jesus held the flame in his right hand and pointed to my chest, “Look,” He suggested. I did and saw the fires burning inside me. Jesus smiled, “The Fire of my love burns inside you. The infinity of wisdom and power lives inside the temple. You are my temple—you are where I live and you live in me.”

I held his left hand and pulled him closer, “Jesus, I like you a lot!” I did not know what to say. “I like you too Micah! Now come with me. I want to talk you about the trees.” As we approached one of the shadowed trees, I noticed a giant hole. Jesus suggested I look into the slimy tree that was made out of some kind of flesh. I’m not sure. I stuck my head in and there were worms tangled together like they were mating. These trees were alive and worms were all inside them. Jesus said to me, “Mans’ idols Micah. Worms that mate to create an idol of lies. These trees grow inside the heart and if they are not cut down by my sword, the worms produce more. The enemy stores these worms here and he attacks those who do not rest in my word. My word is sharper than any two-edge sword and my word alone can cut down these trees.” I stuck my head out of the hole and Jesus cleansed me from the slime. He said, “Worms have gotten into my church Micah, they have produced trees—idols or religious system. I desired that my people would be like a tree planted by the streams of living water, but no they have nursed the worms. The worms (lies) have been planted into a tree (idol)…”

“Jesus of Nazareth!” A voice said, “Why have you come?” Stepping from behind the tree, the Prince of Darkness approached us.”

To be continued…