Through the crystal light, the angel whom I call Coach, brought me to another dimension in heaven. Yes, it was very colorful here, by the opening stood two great lions with enormous wings with eyes all over their bodies. They were as tall as skyscrapers and as wide as a football stadium! Their bodies were so bright with glory and their eyes were within and around. Fire appeared to dance around them. My breath was captured by these creatures whom inhabit the throne room of heaven.

Ruins of War

I was taken to the mid-heavens for the first time three years ago. I have seen it before only to be observed. But as for my first, Christ Jesus by his power walked with me through the mid-heavens or the Void as some angels call it. You can read about one of my experiences through this void in the series Behind the Veil located in the Angels and Demons tab. On my journey one day of walking among darkness, I noticed this was not hell, but Ruins of War within the heavens. The Father walked with me this particular time. Yes, the Father! He was amazing! He began to speak to me about the Void or Mid-heavens these are the words he said to me,


Gold Sunlight

I slowly closed my eyes as I began to transport to the heaven. I was greeted by a simple but beautiful angel. He was emitting a soft golden glow from his body. He was in white slacks and had a white dress shirt tucked into his pants. He was tall and thin, but very healthy looking. He had no shoes, and his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. There he stood, waiting for me at the entrance to this powerful place. Behind him was a bridge that led into this golden forest. The bridge sparkled among the dancing trees as the glory surrounded them.

Small Things

I tend to be so out of focus on normal things it seems. I go to work and forget to do my hair. I sometimes forget to press my clothes…I will drink too much water at night and will have to use the bathroom multiple times at night. I tend to forget my bills when I really try not to. There is just so much more about me that is funny, but I sometimes let those things define me. I struggle with being normal. Or maybe being whole…I am in pieces because I tend to fail at normal life. I define myself by what people say or make fun of me for. I base my worth on forgetting to do my hair, or my clothes I didn’t press, maybe my clothes are too big. All these things can make me feel really insecure because I try so hard to get it right. I get comments like, “Hopeless, or you need counseling Micah. You are so strange. Micah doesn’t know what he is saying. Micah doesn’t think” I laugh it off but then I wonder if I’ll ever get it right.

His Power

In heaven I was standing before God, my Father or as I call him Babba. I approached him finding my way between two golden winged angels guarding his throne. They reminded me of Cherubim. They were complete solid gold and their wings covered me as I walked up the steps to the elevated throne to God.