Let Us Worship Christ

Angels. I have seen many of them and have learned that they are just as mysterious as people. Each one has their own personalities and favorites.

There is a realm that is filled with countless angels that I have traveled to with the Lord. Why is there a place for angels in Heaven?  I do not know fully, but think of it like this: There are many continents on earth with different races and people – Heaven is much the same way. Though there are no boundaries of separation, there are places filled with various creatures. Heaven is way more grandeur;  there are layers of realms with different powers and abilities. Some dimensions consist of no ground; only the air around you. Clouds of His Glory surround you, and golden light moves through you. Well, there is a realm of angels, where God’s children can explore millions of angels and know them. I would love to speak more on the different spheres of heaven, but for now, we will talk about the Realm of Angels. I hope that you will be filled with joy and wonder towards God! He is Glorious and Powerful. We worship you, Jesus!

Angels of the Elements

As I went for my walk during a warm summer day, I was startled by four mighty angels in the sky who were larger than the horizon. They came from the very throne of God, and their faces were radiant! Out from God’s thundering presence, which was like a lightning storm, the angels marched with purpose and destiny!  I was so startled that I froze. Suddenly I was drawn up into another dimension to meet the Angels of the Elements.

Angel of Water


Yes, angels come in many variations just like the many instruments in an orchestra. I have seen many—almost endless amounts of angels all set in different tribes. There are some in charge of trees in heaven, some in charge of stars, gardens and so much more.  In one particular encounter, I met an angel in charge of a river in heaven.

Demons: The Dungeon

The darkness crawled around me creating disturbing, contorting visions I had when I was child. There was no light…no light at all. Darkness. It was cold down here which was odd. The air was toxic! The only breath I had was that of poison entering my spirit. As I searched around this cold darkness, a deformed figure approached me. He was covered in shadows from this place and out of his body spewed the smell of rotting flesh. I could not fully see his form, but his eyes were red and he snorted like a wild beast. He walked towards me with his huge bat like wings that stretched out over him. He was chained up…someone had bound him! He glared at me intensely and then continued to walk around me. He was cold—I knew if he wanted to get his hands on me he would. This story I am about to tell you is called The Dungeon.

Demons: Flying Monkeys and Shadow Critters

Demons, the part of a Seers life not talked about much. Sometimes it is out of fear, sometimes it is because it may be depressing, but we do experience them. In my life, I have encountered many demons. And on several occasions, have seen Satan. It is not pleasant but necessary. I don’t think we talk about demons much because there is a spooky entertainment about them. Demons are not entertaining…they are not your friends.  And when you engage them without the blood of Jesus, they will linger and torment.  We allow so much to come into our lives that can influence us rather good or bad. Now this is not written to gloat that there are demons, but I want us to be aware of them and take things seriously—that there is a demonic kingdom and you are not someone they take lightly. I want us to talk about them with maturity. This is not meant to be spooky, but I want you to see into reality. I will tell you a story about the functions of some demons and what gives them power. In this three-part series, you will meet an angel who taught me about unforgivness, and self-image.