Uriel’s Lament

When Satan had fallen, Uriel, who was the protector of the starlights in heaven, watched the morning star fade from his brother. This broke Uriel into a lament of sadness, for his brother Lucifer has fallen into deception. He could not save him but watch the light from the most beautiful angel disappear.

Three Little Angels: Ending

Jesus’ coming is so beautiful. The music from the Lily forest ushered in his presence. Every light you can imagine was inside him! He is so beautiful! I stood up to welcome him, and Timmy and Jimmy flew into the light surrounding him as millions of tiny angels circled him. Mimi stayed with me, leaning against my ear as my eyes caught the radiance of his glory.


The Archangel Raphael

There is a domain called One Thousand Fountains. In this heavenly world, a powerful angel oversees the healing ministries and the angels who come to bathe their wings in the waters of life. The Archangel Raphael watches this realm created by the Master of heavenly lights, Yahweh, the God of all creation–seen and unseen. 

The Archangel Uriel

I heard a voice shout, “Come forth, Uriel,” The Voice of God spoke from the thunder cloud of His presence. A hand from within the storm held an extraordinary jewel of light, and with his might, the Father stretched into being an angel whose garment was like a nebula. The angel’s hair was red, blue, and brown, which flowed like a river. His wings were like stars shining in the evening sky. With a regal robe of the cosmos, the angel opened his eyes slowly upon his arrival into existence. The jewel containing light lit up as the angel came alive! The glory of God was around Uriel, like a deep golden sun.

Three Little Angels Part 2

I closed my eyes to listen to the chimes and the tiny bell sounds. As I did this, the most strong smells of a garden filled my room. I opened my eyes to find that I had now entered their world, Heaven. I remained seated between two large roses that opened with such light. As these roses opened to me, glitter fell on my head! I was in a garden, the Lord’s Garden. As far as I could see, the garden was full of other small angels who took care of the gigantic flowers, but they were little, just like my new friends.