Encounters and Writings

Archangels: Powers of Heaven

I have met some great angels over nations. Michael is an angel over Israel, but God created other Archangels to watch over nations.

Archangels are leaders of angelic tribes. But also stand guard over nations and sometimes systems on the earth. For example, an angel lives in the sun; there is an angel who lives in the moon, but Uriel orders the stars to sing. Some great angels have yet to come to the earth but will come when the Lord approaches his return.

I have seen the angel over Germany pulling in heaven’s waters like a twisting garment. He has a long beard that sparkles and a hood over his head. He is beautiful, like a sapphire jewel. He holds a staff that stretches across the country.

I have seen the angel over the Philippines, a white lion with gold wings. He breathes fire from his mouth. He commands the royal guard, which is a tribe of angels who have the heads of lions and the winds of eagles.

There are large angels over Australia and New Zealand. They are twins. These angels are bright, reflecting the light like diamonds. Their wings are enormous shafts of light. They appear so bright that there is no clothing for them, nor can I see their face. The twins have such humility and gentleness that I did not expect them to be warriors.

Over the United States, an angel appears like a native American. He has feathers all over his body and a large headdress full of firey feathers from a Phoenix. On his right wrist rest a blazing Phoenix. This angel created a wall of light around the America of other angels made by feathers of light. This wall keeps great demonic creatures out.

I am thankful that Jesus created such mighty angels who protect us. If there were no angels over countries, some would not exist because the demonic would have eliminated their land. Evil powers and principalities in the air try to manipulate and release darkness, but God created archangels and other forces to keep us safe. In this age, we will need them until the Lord sets up his kingdom here.