Encounters and Writings

Angels of Destiny

Angels are ready to assist God’s people by His command! In this recent visitation before the throne of God, I witnessed the coming of angels to our planet while I ran towards my destiny in God with angelic help.

Waiting for the moment to run, I felt an energy in my spirit while I waited upon the ocean of glass before God’s throne! Powerful waves rushed over me just like the blinding light from the face of our Creator! His love was pulling me closer to Him! I saw countless angels around Him–all were shining in glory and standing in a multi-colored illuminance that moved out from God’s throne! Angels, layered into dimensions of His wisdom and glory, made the sound of war horses ready to act upon God’s command. I watched them look upon God and with a wave of His right hand, they turned to me.

The sea became still for a moment and my Father thundered, “Come!” I was released to run forward as fast as I could towards the throne. I felt a fire inside me burning and a force was pushing me to run with great speed. I can’t describe the passion I felt for Him. Again, I heard God thunder, “Come!” And the angels prepared to fly mounted upon war horses with wings of fire! I saw chariots gleaming like hot gold among the armies of heaven…and they waited.

The sea became like a violent storm manifesting huge pillars of glass into the air which made loud high pitch sounds, but it was rather pleasant. As I ran, I could see the earth below! Millions of angels were descending into our planet carrying fire like a powerful meteor storm. Fire from heaven, coming to minister to us! The great company of angels around the throne was still preparing to fly; however, I did not know to whom these were being sent to. I just ran forward.

“Come,” my Father declared again. An angel from the company around Him moved like light and appeared next to me. He was running with me with large opened wings that ministered to my soul. I felt such strength in my legs which increased my speed.

This angel said with authority, “Go! Go! Go! You cannot give up!” He was like liquid colors on a canvas with elements of silver stone on his face. His wings were large with electricity coming out from its feathers. Wind accompanied this angel that caused each of our steps to glide upon the sea!

Again, thunder rolled from God’s voice, “Come!” and another angel shot towards me like a comet blazing with fire! He landed on the sea and towered over me! His skin was like a molten rock and he was colossal in nature! He ran with me with his long hair of fire flowing behind him.

He said to me, “Go! We will assist you! Go, run and do not look back! Go! Run and do not look back!” I felt passion increase inside me! I roared because of the intense love I felt for God.

My Father stood up and descended His throne walking towards me! He declared while the angels were launched from Him, “I make my angels winds and my ministers flames of fire. They will obey my word and will come to you!” Around God Almighty was the appearance of shooting stars moving past Him to help me and all His children! He spoke, “Do not be afraid for I have given my angels charge over you! Run towards your destiny! You are not alone!”