Encounters and Writings

Angel of Wind

There among the eastern sky welcomes one of the ancient angelic beings that was formed by the winds of heaven and crowned Liberty, Angel of Wind. He comes swiftly pulling the clouds behind him to his post among the heavens. Clothed in the clouds with hair like diamonds, he stands tall observing the movement of the sky. He gives homage to the King of Kings, the Creator of spirits and the winds of God because there is not one who stands above the master of heaven. To the world who listens and understands, I introduce to you Liberty the angel of wind.

Among his seven brothers this angel holds those who are created by the winds under his authority—for there is one who stands above Cincinnati Ohio, holding the Light of Hope and with its voice calls all who enter this city to freedom. Liberty commands the angel to harbor in the sky with its ever shining light of hope!

My eyes have seen Liberty a few times. His breath is like a whirlwind that blows the angels from within his frame. Yes, Liberty keeps angels inside him—that is how he was fashioned by the Holy One of heaven. My ears have heard his song to the nations; a song for the ear who hears the revelation of Jesus Christ. “Come!” he shouts to those below him, “Listen to my words as I breathe out the spirit of God from my mouth. Look to the clouds for they will speak of the one who stands higher than. The Mighty One who stands between the cherubs.” Liberty raises his great wings of light formed out of the winds of heaven and leans into the earth saying, “He is alive! He is alive! He is alive! He fills up the entire heavens…watch them speak,” He declares to the nations! As his wings rise above his head another set of wings form by his feet! He dashes among the clouds and they spin to speak to those who see. His words, formed into the clouds, float in the sky but to my eyes the angel became invisible. His word however, remained visible.
Look up!

Hebrews 1:7—He makes his angels winds