Encounters and Writings

An Angel’s Warning and Instruction for 2023

In 2023, Apostles get ready to stand against the spirit of leviathan. Prophets the spirit of jezebel. These two spirits are making a pact in the heavens. Pastors pray and love on the Prophets and Apostles.

In 2023, Apostles get ready to stand against the spirit of Leviathan. Prophets the spirit of Jezebel. These two spirits are making a pact in the heavens. Pastors pray and love on the Prophets and Apostles.

While listening to an angel in this encounter, he said, “In 2023, as The Spirit of Leviathan and Jezebel continues to make a pact, I want to encourage you to get into the secret place with God. That is your place of protection and where you will see from above them. The serpent will squeeze until fear immobilizes the people of God. You need to rest in God’s perfect love; lean on the chest of Jesus. Culture will continue to corrupt. Do not be alarmed. The pressure to walk away from sin and towards righteousness will increase. The serpent is after your thoughts. Meditate on God’s written and spoken word daily; do not let it leave your mind. The serpent will lay eggs there.

“GOD WILL display his Kingdom. You cannot fight the enemy on his level; you must charge yourself by entering the secret place. Jezebel’s primary goal is idolatry. Worship of other gods. Discover your truth, your divinity, the god in you. You are the divine: the number 6, the ways of man. The new god will be man’s ways. She will attack covenant relationships. Jezebel is not a woman; it is a principality who drinks the blood of the prophets and covers the head of the seers. It will break covenant relationships between husband and wife and friendships.

The Kingdom of God is full of power; worship God in spirit and truth. Jesus is truth; Jesus is King. Now is the time to practice a time of worship. Make it a priority to seek the Lord in a place of worship; do not let distractions steal your place of prayer.”

Take heed of the angel’s warning/instruction. The place of prayer is the place of his delight. When we delight in God, the enemy is tortured. Your rest in God destroys the enemy’s work. Prophets and apostles will come against demonic systems in 2023. Apostles will demonstrate what heaven looks like on earth and correct the church. Prophets will give insight into what heaven is doing and what spiritual beings are doing. They must release heaven on earth.

Pastors, you must check on the spiritual health of the prophets and apostles under your care. Ask them good questions about their emotions and mental health. They will be tempted to retreat to solitude when they feel attacked or tired.

Teachers, We need you. You will have a prophetic edge more than you normally do. You will help the prophet find language for what they see in the spirit. You will support the apostles by being relentless encouragers. Teachers will also have dream encounters that will explode your mind. Make sure you support the apostles and prophets as the Lord speaks to your mind. The teacher, apostle, and prophet must work together.

“Evangelists, there will be increased God encounters and power in your ministry. But these will be signs you absolutely will not be able to explain without getting revelation from God for yourselves in your secret place. The prophets will inspire you to love the place of prayer. You will walk in the”trending” acts of power, which begin from a place of loving your brother. God will make your heart gentle. As apostles release new culture, you will be the first to tell the people why the culture of the Kingdom of God is here and now.

We fight the spirit of control and manipulation (Jezebel) by drawing into the voice of God, who is speaking. We become relentless encouragers and call people into holiness. We do not allow the pressure of our current culture to influence our friendships/marriages. The Jezebel Spirit wants to keep the word of the Lord out of the church. Out of the mouth of the prophets, and place blindness on the seers. Jezebel wants to murder the prophetic voice. Jezebel’s goal is to eliminate prophetic culture. Raising up disciples will displace Jezebel’s desire to destroy covenant relationships. There is a restoration of genuine connection coming.

The spirit of Leviathan (debate, critical mindset, and fear) is defeated as we step out in risk! Yes! Power evangelism!!! Prophesy, heal the sick, cast out devils. Get creative on how to display the Kingdom. Do not let fear, debate, and critical minds hold you back. Leviathan’s goal is to suffocate the anointing out of the apostles and confuse them with unnecessary opinions and arguments. This spirit hinders Apostles from establishing the culture of heaven by sucking their energy through debate, critical opinions, and placing boundaries on their mission.

When both these spirits come together to make a pact, one of the signs you are under attack is you will feel a wave of despair. Reaching out to trusted friends and family is essential to help you rise and defeat this spirit coming against you.

We must value our place of prayer! We do not have to be under these spirits because Jesus has given us all authority in heaven. However, these spirits do not play with their food. They want destruction.

Increase your prayer life; gather your trusted friends around you; participate in power evangelism; prophesy often with the spirit of God. Stand with the justice of God. You will not fall!

Prayer: Father, in the name of Jesus, I take authority and stand in your light. I declare an open heaven over our minds, friendships, and church leaders. Father, we thank you for giving us the authority to cut the head off the snake of Leviathan in Jesus’ name. We will see Jezebel’s spirit eaten by the dogs in the name of Jesus. I speak strength into your spirit right now to stand in His power. In the name of Jesus. Amen!