Encounters and Writings

America, God says “Mercy!”

I felt the need to post this today! I feel a chill in the spirit realm, a fear griping God’s people for the coming days. If you are an intercessor, please pray and release the angelic host right now over our country. Proclaim and decree the majesty and authority of our God into the air. Do not let fear grip you. This is a visitation I had received from Michael earlier this year, please read and pray:

It was a dark day in the spiritual world. I was hovering over a demonic camp when there was a great bolt of lightning coming from the heavens above. It was burning like a comet and moving towards me at great speed. I could see that its wings were covering its body as it tore through the sky by the voice of God. Behind him came the presence of the Lord and other powerful angelic warriors with massive shields that were bright like the sun. I have never seen such bright armor before! The presence of the Lord was like a lightning storm with huge clouds around them! The very dark atmosphere began to flee as these angels floated towards me behind the first angel who was like a comet. The comet stopped several feet in front of me opening its huge wings that arced above its head. They appeared bronze and gold at the same time, and he had a golden sash around his chest that said, Michael. He was magnificent and powerful! He carried a sword of fire! He commanded the angels to stand still behind him with the rising of his fist! A red aura was around his frame and light was on his armor!

He said to me, “The Lord commands you to pray!” Michael was so large! It was not the first time I had seen him, however; I had seen him before from a distance, but he was much different that time. Before he looked like he had black wrestling pants on and he had long black hair! I saw him wrestling a two headed snake demon and taking on a black dragon at one time. But this time he appeared in uniform perhaps! He was given a gold band around his head, and his hair was like lightning that sparked every now and then.

“The Lord Commands you to pray and obey,” He said. “I have come to answer prayer with a small company of angels (there seemed to be more than a thousand of them) hold out your hands in authority and release the Holy Spirit over Israel; over your nation now!” When he said this the lightning surrounding the company became voices of thunder that I hear around the throne of God! Michael, out of thin air, formed a spear with the tip of it being like a fine diamond. He again said, “Pray and obey! Your country will live because God has spoken over America right now and he has said ‘MERCY!’” He pointed to me so that my attention would be drawn to a large demonic spirit empowered with fear and another behind it called death. Michael said to me, “Hold your hands out and release the company with you against him (demon)!” I did, and wind came out from my hands, and the angels behind me rushed forward to combat the demonic spirits. Michael placed his hand on my shoulder and said, “God has spoken, ‘Mercy over America’ take authority over the spirit of fear right now, and death will turn on itself.”

America God has said “Mercy!”