I closed my eyes to listen to the chimes and the tiny bell sounds. As I did this, the most strong smells of a garden filled my room. I opened my eyes to find that I had now entered their world, Heaven. I remained seated between two large roses that opened with such light. As these roses opened to me, glitter fell on my head! I was in a garden, the Lord’s Garden. As far as I could see, the garden was full of other small angels who took care of the gigantic flowers, but they were little, just like my new friends.

All kinds of flowers were in the Lord’s enormous garden. Sunflowers that contained the glory of the sun in heaven shine majestically. Lilies, roses, tulips, daisies, and many more gave their light to such a beautiful place. Everything was so big. I stood to explore the garden with my three little friends. I took time to observe as many flowers as I could, only to find small homes inside them. Some angels lived inside the flowers.

One particular angel lived in a sunflower. He was glowing with the same light as his home. He held a tiny drop of light from his home in his pocket and gave it to me as a gift.

Many other small angels lived here; some were red for the roses, blue for the streams, and various heavenly colors. Each little angel had a task in the Lord’s Garden. I walked through a forest of lilies as giant as trees swaying back and forth to the music of Heaven. White and gold little angels flew around me with my three new friends.

My little green angel friend stopped me by putting her tiny hands in front of my face shaking her head no.

“This is where we stop.” I could discern her words from her little chiming sounds.

I sat in the grass, with my right hand opened so she could stand in my palm.  The other two small male angels sat on my knee peacefully.

“What are your names?”  I asked.

The small female angel in my hand said, “I am Mimi.” She spun up into the air above my hand and then curtsied.

The male angel on my right knee, the tough one, said, “I am Jimmy.” He crossed his arms as he sat down. He swung his little legs back and forth.

The angel on my left knee bowed and then whipped his nose, “I am Timmy.”

“Nice to meet you. Jimmy, Timmy, and Mimi.”

Mimi blew glitter in my face, “You are welcome here, Micah. The flowers and the angels know who you are. A single rose for our Lord Jesus.”

**To Be Continued**

Illustrations provided by Beatrice Matis. beatrice-matis.com