I waited on the Lord in my room when I looked up and saw three small, glowing, green angels flying above my head. They spun around me until they landed on my knee.

How adorable!

They had sparks of light shooting off of their bodies as they sat on my knee, looking at me with curiosity.

These three angels had the cutest outfits, two appearing male and one appearing female. The two male angels were dressed in a white t-shirt tucked into their green pants. They also wore a brown leather vest with pockets on the right side. These two male angels looked like they had returned home from an eventful day in the woods with leaves stuck in their black, busy hair.  In contrast, the female angel’s teal green dress fitted around her waist with a golden rope just looked dazzling. Her hair was up in a simple bun, and she had pearl earrings. She laid on her tummy, resting her head in her hands and feet swinging in the air. She just watched me while the male angels snickered playfully. They were natural pranksters. I could tell by their never-ending playful pokes on my nose and ears.

Three little angels 1.

“Hi!” I introduced myself, “My name is Micah. What are your names?”

One male angel flew up to the palm of my hand, puckered up by putting his hands on his hips, and poked out his chest; He answered, but all I could hear were small bells and chimes. Then he nodded as if I understood him. The other little male angel placed his hand on his heart, and I heard gentle bell sounds. The female angel waved at me! Her sound was the sweetest to me.

I remembered that some angels speak with unique sounds instead of words. Holy Spirit would need to help me understand them.

I smiled at the one in my hand; he seemed to have a warrior’s spirit even though he was so tiny. The second male angel hopped on top of my left shoulder and tugged my ear. The female angel stood up and flew to my right shoulder.

Then they all started to speak to me with their specific bell sounds and chimes. It was in perfect harmony with each other!

As I sat listening to them and asking Holy Spirit to help me understand their sounds, I heard, “We watch the gardens in heaven, and you are the Lord’s rose.”

I opened my eyes with a heart filled with wonder.

To be continued…

Illustrations provided by Beatrice Matis. beatrice-matis.com