I must have fallen asleep because when I came to, I was lying on green grass that sounded like string instruments. The fields of grass were like an orchestra playing the melodies of heaven and laughter.

Each blade of grass had its sounds, and even the bumblebees and ladybugs played music. I sat up, looking for the eagles and doves that had now disappeared. Light danced on the grass and twirled through the wind like gentle curtains. Small lakes decorated the land with the clearest blue water. Everything is perfect here in heaven. In the atmosphere were white and golden clouds that hung low to the ground. The clouds were glowing so beautifully as they drifted in the wind. 

I smelt honey coming from the clouds, and they sang to me, but I could only understand it with my feelings. I laid back down on the grass with my hands behind my head and waited. I didn’t know what was supposed to happen next. I waited until I heard the sounds of a mighty wind storm approaching me.

I sat up quickly to see what was coming towards me, but the clouds hindered my vision. I stood up to prepare myself. I spoke to the grass, “Thank you for playing your music. I am about to go now.”

“Where are you going?” The grass asked. “Oh, to the City of Kings? I have family there.”

“I wish I knew how to get there. I don’t have a ride. Do you know which direction is the city?”

The grass giggled, “The city is coming to you. You must be new here.” Their laughter sounded like toddlers when they found something funny. I just smiled. 

“Yes, I am new here. I guess I’ll sit down until whatever comes to get  me. Is that what this approaching wind storm is?”

The grass and clouds just laughed. I shrugged my shoulders and waited for the surprise as the rushing, approaching wind came closer and closer. 

Suddenly, it stopped! Everything was calm. I kept watch, looking for whoever was supposed to greet me. I stood up, trying to remember my manners when the clouds parted ways, revealing a colossal angel! He was so large that his head touched the clouds way above. He was the size of a mountain. His wings were golden. They were the expanse of the very atmosphere of Heaven. My surprise knocked me backward!

“WOW!” My heart was pounding! He was probably one of the most prominent and most beautiful angels I have ever seen. 

“Hello, dear friend.” I thought the angel’s voice would be much louder than that, but it was soft and kind. “I have come to take you to the City of Kings.” I couldn’t believe my eyes.  On top of this angel’s head was a bright white and gold city! It was like his hat! I could see tall buildings, castles made of diamonds, and a rainbow went around his head. This angel balanced the city on his head with his hands. The angel’s body was limestone, and he had gold veins running through him into the city above his head. It could be possible that he was charging the city with energy or supplies of some kind. I wasn’t sure. His face was pure light, not as bright as Jesus’ but still beautiful, almost like the sun when it’s piercing through the clouds. I looked towards his wings that were spreading wide, farther than I could see, and they too were gold. He created a shade for those who stood under him. The wind stirred under each wing, causing the feathers to move individually.

The angel cleared his throat to get my attention back to him. I looked way up to his kind face, “Um…hello!” He smiled in a bashful way. “I know this is something you are not used to, but would you like to visit the city above?” He was excited. I could tell in his eyes. 

“Yes, he would.” The grass responded. I guess the grass knew I wasn’t able to speak just yet.

The angel introduced himself, “My name is…” He spoke his angelic name that I cannot repeat. “But in your tongue, it’s Friend. I am a giant, a celestial giant. We balance the worlds on our heads and supply them with gifts.  I heard you are visiting today the City of Kings. Come!”

I felt like my heart was exploding! I stuttered, “My name…my name…Micah! Hi!”

The angel smiled again, “Oh, how the King loves you! It doesn’t take much to make you speechless. Does it?”

I stood up again, “Excuse me, sir, but I need a ride up there. How do I get there?”

The angel laughed through his answer, “Well, by flying, of course! Don’t you have wings?” He pulled a telescope out from some other dimension around him and looked down at me. “Nope, you haven’t used those yet in heaven. Well, you get a crash course from your angel friend. He placed his hand on his hip and arched his back, “I am ready to teach you! Are you familiar with the wind, Micah? Yes, the Holy Spirit is the wind that allows all to fly!”

“Yes, I know the wind; He lives inside me.”

“Now, good sir, don’t act like you know what you don’t know. If you knew how to fly, you would have been flying by now. Though everyone has their pace, what slows you down is a know-it-all attitude.”

I thought I would hush and learn. In Heaven, there is no lying. I didn’t even know I had wings, and I have no idea where they are. 

The angel, Friend,  started to whistle to pick up the wind in the area. He sang a tune using my name in every phrase. He was amusing!

Friend sang:

“Micah Micah Micah

Is going to fly Up

Micah Micah Micah got his wings

Micah Micah Micah

is gonna use those things

Micah Micah Micah 

The Windrider

Who is the Windrider?” 

The angel kept whistling and singing his silly song about me over and over again with the grass. The blades of grass formed little human-like figures brought together by the wind.

“Come on, Micah, sing your song!” The human-like grass held my hands, and we started to dance to the angel’s song. A circle of light gathered us all together in a circle, and we spun around so fast! I was so happy! The grass laughed, and the giant angel kept on singing until I noticed something appear behind me.

It was my wings! My wings appeared.  I stopped, “What are those?”

I inquired shockingly, “What are those?” My wings were linked to my mind; I could control them. I looked to my left, and my left-wing opened up as if it said hello! I was stunned, nervous, excited, and curious! My wings were light, and mist, energy flowed outward. They were at least 8 feet when expanded. The ends of each feather were blue like the sky on the earth. 

The grass gasped, “Look! Look!” They exclaimed, “Look how beautiful!”

Friend smiled and took a deep breath, “Ah! I see you are becoming more of who you are, Windrider. Let me tell you about your wings, and you will learn how to fly to the city.”

I could feel the energy charging the atmosphere.

“Come and listen to me.” Friend said.