This morning, I woke up to Jesus standing in my room, with his mother, Mary. She was very short, compared to him, and so happy to be with her son. It was my first time seeing them together in such a real way. 

Jesus loves his mom. That’s who she is even still, his mother. He treats her like his mother. I knew that there was an awareness of Him being her Lord and God, but I also saw a mother’s love towards Him. 

They were so beautiful! Jesus had a crown of diamonds on his head and a scepter made of the sunlight, it seemed. Jesus was dressed in a white robe with golden embroidery on his sleeves. He was stunning in his glory and strong. 

His mother was in a blue robe, and she had long hair that sparkled with glitter. Her hair appeared silver, but I was unsure if the glory of God caused it to glow. Jesus smiled at me, then looked at his mother and kissed her head.

Jesus had me stand with them, so I did. He held my hand and kissed my cheek, “Micah, I would like you to meet my mother. I love her! I had a family as you do on earth.”

Mary’s brown eyes glistened with love, but she had this wild side to her. She loved adventure! She held my hand, saying, “Very nice to meet you. You know my son well. Merry Christmas, Micah.”

I looked at Jesus. I started to cry because of how beautiful it was to see his mother and his love for her. Suddenly, I heard another voice enter the room, “Jesus!”

Another strong man appeared in a brown robe with short silver hair! He had a trimmed beard and piercing green eyes. 

Jesus laughed with his earthly father, Joseph, who now stood with him. Seeing their bond was incredible. He loved his father still, even though he was his God and bridegroom. Joseph loved Him too.  

I covered my mouth in amazement! I, for some reason, fell into Joseph’s arms, greeting him!

“Joseph, I have always wanted to say hi to you!” He hugged me with a firm grip, and He kissed my head too.

He pulled me back and studied me. He looked at Jesus with a sense of approval, “You have a good friend, Jesus.” He chuckled for a moment and then said with intentionality, “Merry Christmas, Micah. Mary and I are praying for all families this year to be united in the joy of the Lord. Jesus comes to visit us every season.” He looked at his son and winked at him. Joseph placed his hands on my shoulder, “He wishes to bless every home that will receive him this year.”

I agreed to pray with them. I looked at Jesus, and he also winked at me. He, Mary, and Joseph blessed me by giving me a group hug! All of us laughed, and Jesus was joking in a way that almost made the group of us fall over.

Then they were gone.

Merry Christmas!