I kept hearing during the day, “Micah, keep following the light.”

When I finally had time to slow down and meditate on this, I went into the spirit realm, and Jesus appeared before me. Jesus, shining brighter than most transparent diamonds when reflecting the sunlight, approached me. He held my hand and said again, “Micah, follow the light. The way out of darkness is to follow the light, but you must walk into it. Tell my people that I showed them the way out of chaos into my light. Follow me. Listen to me. Jesus began to walk forward and said, “Follow me.” 

He walked through the darkness around us, brilliant flashes of light like a rainbow that sparked off his shoulders and feet! I stayed with him as he walked on through the smog of chaos. He said to me, “Do you see how I am untouched by what is going on? My mind is in Heaven. My mind is before the throne, as yours should be. I am not troubled by demonic influence; I know I sit at the right hand of my Father. All of that is beneath me, and my justice is coming! But not in a way you think it should happen. Many tell me how I should show justice, but they cannot correctly discern a heart.” 

Jesus kept walking in front of me while I kept up, following the light coming from his body, “Stay in step with me, son. In this season, it won’t be easy to stay in step with me if you are not staying in my word. My light is my word, and my word is in my heart. So many get their understanding from the wrong source. Real understanding is in intimacy with me.”

He kept walking in front of me, and I tried to reach for his hand so that I could keep up with him. It was somewhat challenging to stay with him; my feet kept stumbling as I looked around at the shadows. I knew if I grabbed his hand, I could keep up with him. When I grabbed it, I noticed he never slowed down; Jesus stayed at his pace. The issue was me. He said, “Focus! Focus! Focus! Focus on me. You stumble because you are not staying in rhythm with my heart. Your place of prayer is lacking, stay with me.”  

“Lord, distractions are so hard when they feel real. But I know your hand is strong! I need to hold it, and my mind will stay with you.”

Jesus kept walking but smiled at my comment. He was proud of my observation. He said, ” Yes. Walk in the light! I am light; my word is a lamp unto your feet, my son. Hide it in your heart, and you will know what is real.” 

I noticed that by being next to Jesus, everything was white light. I could not see the black smog around us. All I could see was his presence, his radiance! It felt like the warm sun hitting your skin. It felt amazing! I saw millions of angels around us with pure white gold wings singing to Jesus! The glory of God was all around us and coming from Heaven, which I had no idea was there. 

Jesus playfully squeezed my hand, “You let go of the distractions. You are not in denial by focusing on what is true. You now have the answer that the hopeless need, son.”