When the light faded away, I was standing on a clear path that shimmered with golden light. I have seen this path before. Usually, when there are pressing matters on my heart, I come here to speak with Jesus; it’s a very intimate place. White oak trees that tower above me aligned on the road leading into a rainbow presence, which is my heavenly Father. All paths in heaven lead to the Father. As I prepare for the journey towards my Father’s glorious presence, I looked for my companion, my best friend.

A gentle breeze brushed behind my back, ushering a presence I know so well. Jesus, my very best friend, and King stood behind me, holding me in His arms. He gently kissed my right ear and then breathed on the back of my head.

I giggled; I am always so captivated by Him. Even the questions I have burning on my heart fade away. He is the answer to every question I have, but still, He intimately wants to hear what I am feeling.

Jesus stepped around to face me, smiling, “Son, you called for me.” He stepped closer. I could smell Jesus’ breath, which is ever so delightful. Jesus smells like raisins or apples. He asked, “What do you need?”

I looked into those eyes of love wondering what it is I needed from Him. He said I called for Him, but I did not remember what it was. “Jesus, I don’t know what I wanted, but I know how I am feeling.”

Jesus chuckled, “Walk with me and tell me how you are feeling, Micah.” Jesus loves to be close to us, as He defines intimacy! What intimacy looks like is found in Him. He held my hand as we walked down the path under the oak trees. Heaven always responds to His presence. Even the trees swayed their branches, letting loose their white leaves to fall around us — what an enchanting moment.

Jesus waited for me to express my feelings, “Lord, today, I am battling this feeling of abandonment. I didn’t realize I called for you. I was feeling a bit unchosen or not good enough. I know I am good enough for you, but I feel like I am not good enough for others on the Earth.”

Jesus didn’t answer quickly. I love that about Him. Instead, Jesus just tightened His hand grip as we walked. I suspect He was feeling my heart. His countenance changed from love to a warrior, as if He was ready to kill something harming a loved one.

After some time, Jesus said, “Who told you that?” His voice was intense now. He was angry! He looked at me, “Who told you that, Micah?” When I looked into those eyes of fire again, Jesus asked once more, “Who told you this, Micah?”

I asked, “Jesus are you angry?”

Jesus turned away, “I am angry! I am angry at this lie spewed on you. I am angry at the one who deceived you. He is your greatest enemy. My anger is towards the enemy–Satan.” Jesus looked at me, fiercely, “Answer my question. Who told you this?”

I responded, “Satan did.” After answering Jesus’ question, I felt lighter.

Jesus said, “I never said you are abandoned or forgotten. That thought did not originate with you either. Micah, Satan is abandoned, lost, and unwanted. He has no part of my Kingdom or me. I created you for family, purpose, and completion. I am those things, Micah.”

Jesus turned to me, and the fire subsided in His eyes to a soft glimmer. His voice was gentle again, “That lie is not part of you, son. You have a family, a purpose, and without you, the world would be missing a beautiful gift.”

We stopped walking, and to my surprise, we were in front of our Father! The rainbows washed off His countenance unto Jesus and me. Father’s glory is brighter than millions of stars. His presence is beyond the rays of the sun. As the beams of light touched Jesus and me, I looked towards the Father’s heart to see a blazing column of fire! It was wild love for me, and I knew that no matter how many lies I choose to accept, they cannot stay in the presence of real love. If I choose to believe a lie, it’s because I want to. The great love of God banishes every lie!

Father, show us your glory!

Everything is well now!


  1. Wow….Love your writings Micah…Sometimes I do feel like that but I know Jesus will never abandon us..❤❤❤❤

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