At times, defeating a lie is as simple as saying, “That’s not real.”

I see so many lies on peoples’ bodies; it can be hard to focus on their faces sometimes. I want to pull that lie off their eyes, ears, or head. Then I remember about my current journey in defeating lies that I choose to let live. It’s our choice to let things stay or not.

The Lord Jesus told me one time when we sat together in a park, “Son, you have to decide what you choose to believe. In making that choice, you decide what is real or not real. Belief is powerful, son. When you believe in a lie, it gives it power. When you deny its existence, the lie begins to die. You get to choose what lives or dies in your soul.”

Jesus said to me while gently caressing my hands, “Son, you have more power than you know. You are a king, a conqueror, and your word when in unison with me is carries power. Do not let lies grow in healthy places, son. Resist the lie then decide. Do you want it to live or die? If you wish for it to die, say so, and it will be.”

Whatever lie you are struggling with, find the truth, and decide what is real and what is not. The enemy is a master as making things up then getting us to agree with him. When we do this, the lie becomes real. We have to decide what is real and what isn’t! The Word of God is real and what He says has power over every lie.

Find the truth in the word then say it back to God! With your voice say out loud what is the actual truth.

Believe in His word! You do not have to be a slave to a lie anymore more! You are free to choose what controls you or what has ownership over your soul.

Jesus smiled towards me, “Micah, a lie only grows when you allow it.” Jesus pulled a weed up from the ground with ease. He laughed, “It’s just like pulling up the weeds in your garden. Get rid of them, or they will ruin the entire garden. If you don’t want the lie to grow in your garden, pull it up and throw it away.”

God bless you!


  1. yea my son has.problems seriously in lying.
    Thank you I will pass this onto my 8 year old.


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