Stars of Gweteli is a short devotional about creatures you see dancing or singing in the twilight sky. I hope you enjoy the stars dance around the bright Morning Star (Revelation 22:16).

The veil of light lifted revealing beautiful stars dancing in a twilight sky. Among their dance stood Jesus dressed in glory. His appearance was captivating as light gently flowed out of His being like a fountain. His eyes were looking towards me with unwavering desire. His smile brought forth music among the stars as they worshiped Him. I felt a yearning to join Him; I knew it was my calling.

Suddenly distant stars joined in the music and spun around Jesus like a luminous whirlwind. The stars of heaven worshiped Him; they loved Him. Still, the Lord’s eyes were on me. He lifted His right hand and I drifted upwards to Jesus! It was so magical; enchanting! The flight to my Lord was breathtaking! I floated right into His embrace, as He said, “Good evening, son. What brings you home today?” After our embrace, Jesus’ nose touched mine, and we laughed together among the dancing stars.

Questions for you to ponder: If you could join the Stars of Gweteli, what would you hear them singing about?

What would it feel like to see Jesus call you higher into His embrace?

Jesus is referenced as the Morning Star (Revelation 22:16). Meditate on this description “Morning Star” within the verse. Record thoughts, feelings, and insights. What is Jesus saying to you?

Take time to ponder your feelings, thoughts, and ideas about Jesus today!

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  1. My prince, my love, he makes my heart pound. I want to know hopefully what he feels toward me. Been looking toward Song of Solomon.

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