Read the Bible – Psalm 19:7

Hey Everyone! It has been a while since we posted a new video so we wanted to make sure you knew we have a YouTube series called Read the Bible with Micah. In this series I am reading the Word to you, we break it down and meditate on it a little bit. We also hope to create more YouTube content in the future so stay tuned and enjoy!

Below is the most recent video on Psalm 19:7. The words of Jesus refreshes our soul!

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2 thoughts

  1. You get it. The words of Jesus are life and light and a powerful, refreshing energy. The word of God, combined with total intimacy with Jesus, truly causes the kingdom of heaven to abide inside of us, and be opened over us. Thank you for the video.

  2. Micah, Thank you for this teaching. I love God’s word. I go to bed listening to it by audio and get us listening to it. I read and hear His word, it seems like most of my Day. His word does refresh and it brings life and peace.

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