This was a song an angel taught me, which I pray as often as I can. I encourage you to find a space alone with God and worship Him before saying this prayer. This angel who appeared to me was very bright and had long golden hair! His wings were dripping with golden light! He smiled at me and sang these words,

‘Open the realm of Angels to me
Let them sing and dance around me
Holy Father open the skies of eternity
Open the realm of angels to me

Let them shout forth deep prophecy
Give me eyes so that I may see
Holy Father open the skies of eternity
Let them show me your majesty

Reveal your Glory
Jesus King of the Angel Armies
Release angels to me
Blessed are your children for they shall see
I want to see into reality
Come Holy Spirit anoint me’

This angel, with his wings, covered me and said, “Sing this prayer to your Father and we will come to you and minister to you! Remember, He is Glorified! He is Captain of the Host! He alone is Worthy! He is your Father! We worship You, Holy God of Heaven.”

He smiled and disappeared! I raised my hands to worship my Father; He is Worthy!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. thank you for sharing that beautiful song the angels had given you! I love thinking of Jesus as the Captain of the angelic armies.. To see His angels is to see Him in them. This is also the same for His human servants as well. If you look into an angels’ eyes, you see our Lord in their eyes, because they are emptied of Self and full of the Holy Spirit. That is the work our Lord wants to do within us too.. to make us emptied of self and fit to serve Him on Earth… as in Heaven!
    hugs, one of His works in progress

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