Behold His Glory

While in blissful worship, my heart was poured out to the lover of my soul. As the spirit world opened to me,  I watched the glory of God descend in all His splendor. My best friend and only King pulled my heart towards Him by His love! I could not turn away from this excellent site! His glory rained down from heaven like a soft dazzling light. Something in the darkness distracted me.


I realized I was in the mid-heavens…the dark and damp ruined world where the demons take ownership for now. I saw enormous spiders spinning their webs in the to trap those who would dare wander into darkness. These black spiders with their red eyes taunted me, “Feast on Him. Crush His bones; spill out his blood!” They hissed, “Do not let them escape. Trap them! Eat them alive!” Each spider lusted after me like a gourmet meal. I could hear the sound of their teeth chomping while they spoke. But it was their lust that made them an enemy of each other. “Give him to me,” They fought, “He is mine!”

“Lord, why am I here? I don’t want to be here! Get me out of here!” I Was afraid…this was not good! But then I heard the sound of Jesus’ voice which brought my attention up to the brilliant incoming light! I smiled as His radiance touched my face like a warm rag! As Jesus descended upon me, His light became a star of Kings! Moving out of Him were colors I had never seen–there was so much glory I couldn’t behold the details of His face.


I had forgotten everything. I had forgotten about the spiders spinning their webs; I had forgotten about the darkness surrounding me! All I could see was Jesus shining like the bright and morning star! I felt my lungs burn while His light pierced my chest!

Jesus shouted, “Behold my glory!” As He did this, my Lord opened His hands causing the light to arch out among the spiders knocking them down and destroying their webs. The spiders hissed! HIs power burned them alive! His face was like a lightning storm as such I had never seen! All that threatened His child was no more! From His mouth, flames of fire pierced the hard skeleton of the spiders.

“It stings! His light stings!” The spiders groaned and wilted under the Lord’s power! “Get us out of here! Leave us alone,” They begged Him. Jesus said nothing! His glory overpowered every demonic force in the mid-heavens. His light shown as a rainbow in full strength.

The mid-heavens cracked by the Lord’s might! Jesus was not even displaying his full wrath on His enemy, but that day has not yet come!

Jesus called to me, “My son…beholding my glory bring the enemy into instant defeat! The giants wilt in my presence; the demons burn by the rising light of morning! All that is about you to kill, steal, and destroy will burn up before my glory, child. Keep your focus on me, keep your face looking towards me.” Jesus landed on the wet floor of darkness when instantly it boiled and dried up. As Jesus approached, He consumed me by His presence like fire burning up dry wood! He said, “I do not worry about the demons as you do Micah. Devils, fallen spirits, rebellious angels, stand not before me and neither do I worry about them. If I am not afraid, then you should not be afraid because I live inside you! My rest, peace, joy, and power are part of your DNA! When you behold my glory, the demons will flee from you! Turn your gaze away from them. Lift up your heart in worship and praise! Prophesy about my goodness to the air around you! Turn your affections towards me, my son!”

Jesus held me together with His warm, strong arms and whispered into my ear, “Set your mind on things above…”


6 thoughts

  1. Thanks Micah,actually today I was led to Colossians 3:3,which talks about setting our minds on things that are above where Christ is seated at the right hand of God.All we need to do as his child is to behold his glory that will dissipate every form of fear . hallelujah

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