This is the last writing of the beauty of God series which is a set of visitations I had received from the Father. Understand that these visitations are not made up, but are orchestrated by the Father to help build up and edify the church. I ask that you would pray before you read this next encounter! Ask Holy Spirit to open your imagination to engage with Him.

“Stand up!” A voice said to me in my room. My hands were on fire, and I could see angels around me, but the voice did not come from them. Again I heard, “Stand up, now,” the voice commanded me. I managed to get myself up from my bed…the presence of God was very tangible. While I stood up with my hands opened to receive, a pillar of fire materialized in the room. The sounds of rushing wind and violent, crackling fire filled the atmosphere, and the angels spun around me creating a ring of light. Holy Spirit had now entered the room.

“Step Forward, Micah.” I obeyed Him to enter the fiery funnel of Holy light. Blue, green, orange and red fire swirled around me burning my body as Holy Spirit declared, “I am here to remind you that you are not made to dwell in darkness, but in the fiery passion of God. I am that passion. Walk now in purity, Micah. Walk now in Holiness.” I felt heat on me so intensely as the fire of God moved all around me. I was swaying back and forth by His awesome presence! I kept my hands out because I was so hungry for more of Holy Spirit. I did not want anything else, only Him!

“Look down, Micah.” I obeyed, and I saw that I was standing on coals of fire. Then blazing hands of light touched my head, and Holy Spirit said, ” The path of purity is the way of love. The way of holiness is the path of love. Walking in Holiness is living in the Spirit; for the Spirit is love. I have come to remind you; I am the passion of God empowering to walk in My light. I am the burning passion of God reminding you to walk in righteousness.” Then a face appeared from within this tornado of fire. His head was hot as the coals I was standing on, and He blew fire on my face. He was burning like bronze metal with eyes like a jasper stone. I could see precious stones in His complexion that were charged with lightning! I was so overwhelmed by His power! He is power, and He lives inside me. He lives inside you!

Holy Spirit declared, “Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God. They shall walk in beauty and power unhindered by the pleasures of the world. Blessed are they who walk among the coals of fire…they walk into where the enemy cannot harm them.” Holy Spirit paused to let me reflect on His words then commanded, “Pick up the stones and eat.” I obeyed! As I held the stone in my hand, the flames wrapped around my wrists and also around my feet. Holy Spirit said, “Be prudent in speech Micah, learn to live in beauty with your words, son. Curse not what I have given life.”

I consumed the stone, and it tasted like bread, and I felt waves of love move all around me. Holy Spirit now had become calm like a gentle breeze on a peaceful spring day. He held my hands and said, “I love you, Micah. I want to walk with you every day. It is my pleasure to guide you into the light of My presence. Welcome to the beauty God.” Then everything disappeared, and I was standing in my room with the angels dashing in the air.

The angel said to me, “Purity is a blessing, is it not?”
“Purity is beauty,” another said.
“What do you think it means to walk in beauty, Micah?” The angels laughed and then stood still watching me with their curious blue eyes.

I bless you all to walk in the beauty of Holiness.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Tell me about a time when you ecountered Holy Spirits presence!


  1. Hi Micha, love your posts and have been watching you for a while now.. love your encounters and encouragement!
    I had been caught in a very religious church for 8 years.. during the end of that time God started making me restless and I felt frustrated toward that church as no one believed or preached on healing and many other things that I was reading in the bible. In fact in all of those 8 years i had never had a sermon on the Holy Spirit and never knew anything about Him except that He hovered over the waters in Genesis.. i became incredibly restless and eventually moved churches to a Holy Spirit lead church. I became so hugry and pursued Holy Spirit like a hungry lion, so much fire! Finally one night when praying and worshipping and asking for MORE He stood there right in front of me. I could only see His smile at first which was magnificent but then I saw His eyes! They were so filled with love that was like a supernatural love, one I had never seen here on earth.. then I was filled with an INCREDIBLY JOY that lasted 3 weeks.. it was the first time I thought or knew Holy Spirit to be a man! That was last year.. i am still pursuing Holy Spirit but feel so stuck.. so many people around me are so Holy Spirit filled and i am still just on the outskirts looking in.. so want more, feeling frustrated.

  2. last night while worship i was caught up in heavens bliss! i laugh while I’m crying that is just felt so good.. then i saw a white path leading into a place. the presence was so tangible and later on i’m in the throne room! then i keep declaring the name of Yahweh.. later on i caught myself leaning unto Jesus chest.. after that i saw Abba Father and called me son! He’s image was like the stars of the cosmos, like diamonds shining, sparkling beautifully! i can’t behold the Fathers too much glory and i felt strong electricity flowing from my head, into my fingers and into my whole body and my whole body shaking violently until i have no controll of it and i rolled and lied on the floor! after that i felt fully recharged and refreshed! all the heaviness was gone! all glory to God!!! He’s love never changes towards us!

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