Walking in Intimacy with Jesus

Hey, guys! Check it out! I talk about three ways you to practice walking in intimacy with God; why it is important to go after your own oil; and tactics the enemy tries to use to keep us out of a relationship with God. If you need subtitles click on the caption button! Enjoy guys!!

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4 thoughts

  1. One of my downfalls is self-centeredness. That takes the shine from Jesus’ eyes and the joy from my heart. Thank you, Micah, for that bit of simple wisdom.

  2. Thank you brother Micah. This has helped me to understand how to live in Christ better. Two things I cannot forget are:
    1. Getting closer to God (Dwelling in His Chamber or secret place) – by worship, humility and thanksgiving.
    2. Resisting the enemy – by avoiding pride, envy and fear.

    I pray that everyone who watches this video would be blessed like I am. We pray for the Spirit of God to continually lead is into humility and love. Love is the fulfilment of God’s laws for all things good.

    Peace be with all.

  3. Thank you, simple, straightforward and encouraging, can you clarify, secret chamber’s and pride, Blessings!

  4. Great video. Good instruction. Thanks for sharing. I love it that you bring focus to Jesus as you instruct about having your own oil and not to covet oil of other’s. Jesus, always our first love and to be first place, our foundation. Because you are right. All the visions or dreams, or any other spiritual manifestations, would be meaningless unless Jesus was the center of all we do. He is the ‘greater than’ and we do well to remember that. We abide in the Vine because without Him, we can do nothing.
    You make me think. I appreciate that. I will also look at the book of Song Of Solomon, too. You caused me to see differently about that book. Blessings to you.

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