Some of my Personal Journey

Hey everyone new video is up about my personal journey and seasons I walked through! Sorry for the sound quality, I will improve haha! I hope you enjoy it guys!

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12 thoughts

  1. I love your story.Am encouraged,edified and strengthened by the process that you went through and Jesus being right there by your side.Isnt He wonderful and loving?.Thanks alot.
    I am also going through a tough process and situation.Am in a polygamous relationship with my baby daddy(Him having another family) and i have two kids by him. A relationship i entered when i had backsliden 6 years ago from great heights with the Lord.You can imagine the pain,chaos,drama and confusion you have in a polygamous relationship.
    For the past one year we have been through it with Jesus and He has never left me alone even in the times i have felt lonely and lost.I Have known His love. I have wanted to run and leave many times, but its difficult having two kids and supporting them. I know eventually i will leave and i have already left emotionally. I have dreaming with Papa God how it will be like finally when i leave. Papa has been soo kind and we have sat and written things together as He has told me to wait,He is working on everything and will redeem my life.
    I dont know how long i’l be in this situation, but am happy and comforted that Papa and Jesus are here with me and i go through my daiy struggles with Them. Papa has given a reason to dream again and behold His Love and goodness.
    In the meantime am loving on Jesus everyday and He is holding my hand and showing me what bliss is like with Him. So am dancing,happy and joyous in the midst of the fire.

  2. Hi Mica, Saw your video and it touched me deeply, no words just crying. Your story is amazing and soo hopeful.Thank you for holding on to Yeshua and being who you are meant to be through it all. He shines through you and brings so much life through you and what you share. So Pure. Thank you thank you. love, Marlou

  3. Hi there Micah! I have been stayin up reading all your encounters. Just wow! You know what? I actually wondered what the dream bubble is He has for you. And what dream God has for me too! I am full of excitement over Father and his dreams! I will admit something to you. First time I saw your video on nasty critters, someone had shared it to senders of the Host group. I had an “inkling” that you might have struggled with lust, as I too have, so I almost immediately shared your video with a Pastors older son who is gay and is living with his partner. You just inspired me so. God will give you the desires of your heart! Bless you!

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