YouTube Channel Live

Hey everyone! I now have a YouTube channel up and running! Wahoo! Check it out guys!

7 thoughts

  1. Hi, Micah;
    I lived with another lady for 15 years as a young adult. We were not sexually involved but we were very codependent. We both had calls on our lives and I knew at some point I would have to choose God rather than this relationship. Through those 15 years the Holy Spirit never left me even for one moment; and after we parted and I walked through extreme emotional pain, He still stayed close – even closer than before. I did obey His call and have enjoyed Love beyond imagination. God doesn’t fit into our boxes. How ridiculous! He created the boxes. He is a wild, untamed Lion. Omnipotent. Omniscient. Truly worthy to be praised and worshipped. Thank you for the courage to tell your testimony.
    Another comment: don’t limit yourself to one tag. I suspect that you are intended to be far more than a seer as you follow your beautiful Savior.

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