It’s time for the Sunflowers to gaze upon the Son’s light. He desires Face to Face love! Turn and behold to become! Let the light of your countenance shine on our hearts like the morning’s first light, Lord Jesus.

Jesus, we love you! Open up our hearts to receive more of you! Jesus, King of Glory, take my heart! Cause the wind to blow and fan the flame of passion for you! Give me your eyes, ears, and heart! I want to love the Father with the same passion you have for Him. I cast off all my wants and desires to run forward into you Jesus! I hold nothing back! I want to drink from the river of your delight, always! Father, I desire to look into your eyes, to see the beginning of love! Launch me into eternity filled with light and mysteries that are only seen by the hungered soul. Carry me away with you! Carry me away with you! Lord Jesus, I belong to you! Father, I have chosen your Son. I desire to marry Him. I have chosen Him because He has loved me before the craftsmanship of time!

Precious moments with Him, yes! I stand before the creator of the worlds and the master of time. His eyes of fire look upon me as my face changes by the waves of glory coming from His smile. Yes, He is beauty fully seen…He desires all of you. You can feel His passion burning up every distraction in your soul as He rests His hands on your heart saying, “You are mine! I am yours.” He kisses your head leaving the pleasing fragrance of joy, peace, and kindness as a crown on your head.

Come, Lord Jesus! Come and kiss my heart with fire, come let your love burn on my lips! Come and stir the foundations of my spirit so that it may awaken into pleasure with you! Come, Lord Jesus!

I Worship You
My Soul is Yearning
My Spirit is Longing
Like a Sunflower waiting to Bloom
Turn, oh Son’s Light
Bring forth the love you Seek
My time to open has Come
My day has come to Behold Wonder
I Worship You

He holds my face in His hands breathing into me. I am refreshed by His words, “I am undone, My Love. I am undone.” Then, His glory takes us away to our Father’s world.

Tell me, my friends, are you ready to touch the morning’s first light? Do you desire to see the Face of Jesus? The Son is shining upon you, turn to Him. What do you desire?  


  1. Hi Micah….wow…you have beautifully put to word and summed up, the cry that has been in my heart for years….. there is nothing I want of this world, only to mature into a “manifested son”…. aware of and functioning in both realms. He gave me a white horse and told me to mount and ride with Him. I do it in faith but long for the day I will experience it in my soul and flesh. When I read what you write I feel like I am with Him. “Thank you Lord for Micah and what you are doing through him….bless him today Lord”
    Penny-Lynn 💖

  2. The Ancient of Days and I were standing by acers of fields as far as the eye could see, as we looked over rows of perfectly planted, lush plants. No weeds present. All the plants were about two feet tall and were healthy. Standing next to Him was the most natural feeling, as one would have next to their father. We conversed by thought. He has a strange device in His hand that He was pointing toward the plants. I did not know what it was for or what He was doing with it. All was well. I believe I was seeing the Harvest that was growing in this earth. They weren’t mature yet. But when they are ready, we will see a vast army of Christians coming forth at the same time. I dream.

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