Heaven is so out of the box. There are so many surprises waiting for you because the Father loves you so much. Simple, right? One day in heaven, Jesus and I were walking in a big open field laughing.

He wanted to show me something, “Micah there is something I want you to see. Come on!” We ran up a hill that overlooked a valley of Dinosaurs; great big Dinosaurs in the glory of God. One of my favorites, the Brachiosaur, were in a herd together. They made music to Jesus by their sound! Each one sparkled with glory! I heard light; pleasant music coming from their entire being. Beautiful and enchanting, I was so captivated by God’s masterpiece—not one of them was dull or afraid, they all lived in peace. I saw another herd of Stegosaur, and even a Tyrannosaur living together in the glory of God. They all were beautiful! Each one carried His presence and they loved Jesus.

Then an angel came and swooped me up to fly over the herd of Dinosaurs to get a better view. I was screaming with excitement. Jesus called to me, “I will be here when you get back!” The angel was laughing as he held my waist to fly above the herd.  Music layered with all kinds of wonderful colors touched my senses while as we flew under and around them all!  We made loops and sharp turns like a rollercoaster at a theme park. We even landed on the back of Brachiosaur for a ride! WOAH!!! I couldn’t stop laughing! I had always loved Dinosaurs as a kid, and my Father never forgot that!

“Can I have it,” I asked.

The angel laughed, “You can have all of them. Whatever you like, Micah.”  The angel held my hand to fly once again.

Suddenly, a flock of giant blue birds joined our flight. Each bird was stunning with a long white and blue tail.  The angel said, “Heaven is not made for boxes, Micah. Your Father is The God of Wonder. He desires you to see things as He does.”

The angel made a sharp turn back to Jesus and dropped me on my butt while he flew away.  I remember my hair was all over the place by the winds doing. Jesus helped me stand and I stumbled forward. He balanced me because I felt dizzy… Jesus began to fix my hair as I tried to get my footing—it was wild. He chuckled, “You ok?” We looked at each other and laughed!


Heaven is fun!


12 thoughts on “Dinosaurs and Big Blue Birds

  1. This adventure is awesome, I chuckled and laughed with the excitement of a child swinging high on a swing! Oh Micah, may God continue to bless you with more and more of those experiences. I’m praying one day I will get to experience the beauty and awe of God as you do. Love you and your ministry.

    1. You have such a heart to encounter the living, laughing, joyful God! I am praying for more of his presence over your life!

  2. Thank you Micah, for bringing broader perspective and vision about heaven. Because of your sharing, I am thinking in new creative ways. God made everything. So it stands to reason that there would indeed be all kinds of things in heaven…even fun experiences.

    1. You are so welcome!!! I love to share about heaven! Its been a long, challenging road but so worth it!! You rock!!

  3. This is soooo beautiful, as I look around, I think of the simple small pets, but never thought about the whole of creation, much was lost or changed sence the flood . you give us such magnificent insight to a realm many of us would love to see, and yes, envy your trips. One day, one way or another, we will, but until then I thank God for you. Hugs!

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