Precious Gems: No One is Lost

“Did you know there are no orphans in heaven,” the angel asked me. “Not one child is missing or has been abandoned here.” I was taken during this visit to a school/nursery. I can remember the smell of fresh baked cookies. Wow, what a place of life. We were inside a huge mansion filled with the glory of God. The inside of this building was like its own little world. I saw parks, a fountain pool, a kitchen, rooms of creativity; I was amazed at the sitting of this place. The angel with me smiled, “Did you know that no child is lost or forgotten?

The angel with me appeared feminine; beautiful and graceful. She was wearing purple scrub plants and a rose-colored top with white sleeves that draped low to the ground. She appeared barefoot with a ring on her third toe. She was very lovely and peaceful. I could tell she was very powerful in wisdom, but also an amazing teacher. She had long wavy, blond hair that had shimmering gold in it which was pulled back by a simple white scarf. I guess she didn’t want it in her face while she was working.

Do you work here,” I asked?

She smiled, “Yes, I do and many other angels too, but we are also joined here by His beloved children.” She continued to guide me through this mansion to a large nursery. These babies were full of God’s presence with His everlasting joy. I saw angels and people attending to each one. The angel with me said, “These are the ones who were lost on earth. Some were aborted and some died during child birth. Your Father cares so much about each one that he brings them here to grow in love. These babies wait for their parents to come with such excitement. One of the angels gave me a sweet baby to hold and my breath was taken. This precious child was sleeping peaceful, but not in bitterness or anger, he was resting…waiting. The angel said, “They are not angry Micah. This specific child here was aborted and still longs for his mother and father. He remembers her voice. I began to cry because he still wanted to be with his mother and father…I could feel it! This baby boy opened his eyes and smiled. Oh, my heart felt his love…sweetly innocent and does not keep any record of wrong,

“Does he pray for them, “I asked?

“Yes, he does. He prays for his mother and his father. Each child remembers their parents.” The angel took the baby from me and returned him to his care before I wouldn’t let it go. She smiled, “I want to show you another child.

The angel held my hand and took me to a classroom. It felt like we teleported because I do not remember walking there. We stood at the back of this very large classroom that was shaped like an emerald dome accompanied by swirling lights all around us. I saw very tall trees and dinosaurs grazing in the area. The angel laughed at me because I loved dinosaurs when I was growing up; now each child gets to play with them. Beautiful! These dinosaurs were gorgeous; nothing like you see in the movies! They had vibrant colors to them and they could speak to you.

“I want a Dinosaur,” I shouted, “Can I please have one?” I started to make my way to my childhood favorite, the Brachiosaurus. I always wanted to ride on the back of one while he ate from a big tree! “I want it!”

The angel pulled me back, “No, no! Stay here please.” She realized how excited I was and spoke gently, “I am sure the Father has one waiting for you here. You will have your own, but for now stay with me. OK?” She noticed the voice of one teaching the class, “Oh look it’s Paul.”

That’s right, I saw Paul teaching the class. He was reading the New Testament and a specific children’s book written for them. I laughed watching Paul’s expressive behavior; I did not picture him that way at all.

The angel pointed to another child, “You see that boy?”

“Yes.” I responded. This boy was African American and looked about five years old. He was the closest to Paul. This boy was dressed a white robe and he carried glory in his eyes. I saw so much love in him.

The angel said, “He was killed by AIDS on earth and is incredibly missed by his family, but he is alive here and growing. No child is lost…he remembers his family and will wait for them!  For now, he will stay with another family member till the rest arrive. He is not lonely or sad, Micah. He prays for his family on each of their birthdays while looking down from the portal. He will sing with them when it’s Christmas and rejoice with gratitude on Thanksgiving. Micah, it is true when they say, ‘I feel my grandmother, or child with me’ because they are. They are not far away! On special days they watch you, laugh with you, but are just on the other side. Sometimes, you will smell them and when you do, thank the Father for that moment you get share with them. Every child that is lost is with you…” She paused a moment then said, “Tell those who mourn: your son—your daughter is mighty in the Lord and they are alive in his glory. They are waiting for you. Do not be troubled; they are not angry, but overflowing with joy!”

I asked the angel, “Do they grow up here or do they stay young.”

The angel taught me, “Each one is different depending on the desire of the Mother and Father. Some will remain infant and will grow when the family arrives and some children will grow while they are here because the mother did not ask the Father to keep them young. Some children parents, will not make it heaven, but will be raised by families who always wanted to have children, but never had the chance. Your heavenly Father loves adoption and it is his heart that it would be expressed on the earth!”

To my surprise, Jesus stepped into the classroom singing! The kids ran to him shouting, “JESUS!” He held and kissed each one. Paul, the angel, and I watched as Jesus played with all the kids among the dinosaurs. They chased him around and tackled him. I remember he picked up a little girl by his waist side and ran around while the kids chased him. We laughed! I wanted to play too!

Jesus must have heard my thoughts because he paused a moment to look at me with a smile as if to say, “No, not yet Micah, you have to go back.” He winked at me and then continued to play with the children.

The angel stepped in front of me to get my attention, “It is time to go.” She touched my head and I returned to my body.

I would love to hear your thoughts or testimonies on this. I love to read them!

26 thoughts

  1. This is one of the most wonderful and interesting heaven and Jesus stories I’ve ever heard… It’s full of the presence of God… I could imagine myself being there with you… I also have alot of children in heaven too because when I was still in the world, I did alot of abortions and as I was reading this article my heart and eyes are filled with pains and tears yet I am also happy because those children are waiting for me too…but what I just want Jesus to do for me now is to forgive me all my sins and have mercy on me cos right now I am not happy at all… Micah please I want you to pray with me so that the Lord will have mercy on me and that I may enter into the kingdom of God…because I can’t just afford to miss all these wonderful experiences…. Jesus please have mercy on my and write my name in the book of life in Jesus name…. Amen

  2. I have mixed feelings about about what I read. I am definitely thankful that none of the children are lost. Thank you Father! But I feel sad for the children whose moms and dads don’t make it. I can’t help but wonder how many of the parents that intentionally aborted a child, especially for very selfish reasons, was actually willing to repent.

    As my wife and I have two children in heaven from miscarriages, I look forward to meeting them one day. They actually visited me once in a vision and told me their names. We had never named them, so the Lord did.

  3. Wow…what a beautiful experience. I can’t wait to go to heaven so I can adopt lots of kids…I never had any and not because I didn’t want to, it never happened. What an awesome experience. Thank you for sharing and above all give thanks to our heavenly Father and my Lord, my life, the love of my life, Jesus Christ!

  4. Oh my glorious God! I wish I could have such an experience in heaven! I fully believe this, I can imagine Jesus running around with the kids, though my imagination is too scarce compared what it really is. Still I can kind of picture that, and I would run to join them!!

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