I closed my eyes to listen to the wind rushing by me; took a deep breath of the heavenly air as my senses joined in the beauty and wonder of this realm! I knew I had arrived to heaven, but I had not yet looked to see where I was. Part of me wanted to be surprised.

I peeked with one eye to see where I was, and I couldn’t believe it! I was high up in the trees—enormous trees of green light. I was standing in a nest made with gold. I rushed to the edge of it to get a better view of the scene. I saw clouds of light wrapping around the trees like a garment. The Glory of God was shining through the morning sky as I once again took a deep breath to contain my excitement. What was about to happen? What will I see this time? I had so much joy!  Suddenly, I heard the cry of an eagle drawing near. I made my way to the center of the nest looking towards the sky. Coming in my direction, at great speed out of the light of heaven, was a great, white and golden eagle. I felt so much power coming my way as his flight brought him lower to his nest. It was spectacular to watch him descend with his pure white wings…deeply powerful, blue fire were his eyes and into my soul he searched. He was about 8 feet tall while his wing span was the largest I have ever seen. He was radiant with the brightness of the setting sun! He was the Lord! The Lord in the form of a white eagle. I had seen him this way a couple of times before through multiple events. I have ridden him around the throne room once when I was fifteen and other times throughout my college career. He calls himself Chazah. He circled the large nest and cried allowed with his powerful voice.

He landed, and with authority he declared, “Fly with me! I command you to fly!” I reached for his white feathered neck to embrace him.

“When you fly with me, you will have rest. Fly above the warfare and into the glory of God’s marvelous light. It is where you belong—in light as he is in light. Do you know this is where the prophetic shall dwell? Eagles who live in light rest in my nest where I feed them. You are such an eagle Micah. Not of the world below, but from above.” He opened his wings and said, “Take refuge here Micah.” I went under his huge wings into the shadow when gold began to pour onto my head. He said, “Intimacy is hiding in the shadows of my wing. Revelation pours upon you.” I could see that the very tip of the eagle’s feathers where gold with the glory of God woven into its being. He was Lord of the eagles—the highest of them all.  I began to hear the cry of others around me.

I walked out from under its wings to the edge of the nest to watch the fog clear; I saw golden eagles flying from tree to tree calling to the world below to come up higher. These powerful birds never moved their wings, they just soared upon the wind. The White Eagle said, “Some are raised on the mountains and some are raised in the trees; two places where I raise the prophetic voices Micah.” I was amazed how they could fly so peacefully—no striving just peace. “The prophetic is cultivated in a place of waiting in peace Micah. My prophetic people, who will be unlike any other, will be free from anxiety, depression, fear, intimidation, and manipulation! They will be ones giving face to God almighty…they will teach others how to fly to the nest and be raised in my presence where I will feed them from my mouth. These voices will not be about accuracy, but about the image of God being manifested through them. They will have eyes like no one has seen; they will hear the thunder from the throne of God. They will fly into the face of God and come out gold!”

He opened his wings once again, “Come fly with me!” I climbed on his back and his wings lifted us up high into the sunlight. He said, “We will fly into the face of God!” Other eagles began to fly with us into the light—they followed him! I could see that the sunlight was the glory of God pulsating rich love from the center. Chazah said, “To see and behold your God—stand in his face and become what you behold. The mission of the prophetic voice is to see, behold, and become. Declare what you have heard! Declare what you have seen…teach others how to fly into the face of God.” The golden eagles, hundreds of them, began to cry out loud in worship to the White Eagle as we entered the face of God.


Chazah warned me, “There is no other way, Micah. It is possible to be consumed with such darkness you become like vultures or crows. Vultures feast on the dead—demons! This can happen to those who will not give to me their lives and will not be raised in holiness. Crows, are those who have let bitterness and anger enter them! Their voices have become annoying sounds of criticism and judgement. There is no love in them. There is another type of bird Micah. Some have become like paper eagles—fake just becoming an echo from jealousy. What they have is not real, but their fame is real and they will be tossed by the wind of adversity. They link themselves to others, forming alliances just to strengthen their own ego. Do not be like them—they are the worst. When fire comes, they will have nothing left. I can cast out demons from the vultures; I can heal the broken heart of the crows, but the pride from the paper eagles will not let me come near.” Chazah sighed… “Do not become like them Micah. Check your heart. It is easy to fool yourself if you are not in humility.”

I buried my face into his feathers and whispered to him, “I love you my Lord Chazah. Forgive me for not yielding to your leadership. I want to become a golden eagle representing the face of God.”

Chazah said, “Then fly with me! Come to the nest and I will feed you from my mouth. Rest under my wings when you are wounded and I will heal you.”

To be continued…

Deuteronomy 32:11, “He found him in a desert land, And in the howling waste of a wilderness; He encircled him, He cared for him, He guarded him as the pupil of His eye.”Like an eagle that stirs up its nest, That hovers over its young, He spread His wings and caught them, He carried them on His pinions.”The LORD alone guided him, And there was no foreign god with him…”

Isaiah 40:31 “Yet those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary.”


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