Funny Angels and Fuzzy Things

Let It Snow:

One day while walking in the snow, an angel had appeared next to me whistling “Let it Snow.” He was shining white light and had a gold and white Santa hat on his head.  He was in a full length robe with huge glimmering wings. He was dressed as if it was cold outside though I know he wasn’t. “Evening,” He greeted rather cheerfully, “Are you cold?”

I smiled at my new friend and was rather amused at his choice of hat, “You know that is a Santa hat right?”

He laughed, “Its a glory hat!” He said, “If you notice the gold on it…”

“Oh yes I see! Where did you get it?” I was so intrigued by this angel, “Ours are red and white.”

“Your Father. Though I am not cold, it is fun to have it on my head.” His big wings perked up to cover me from the snow. “Did you know that there are more angels than the falling snow?” He was so perky, He opened his hand to catch the snowflakes and they glowed by the light coming from him. “He looked at me and smiled, “You Father loves you Micah very much and he has more than enough angel to watch over the world. More than the snow on the ground–that is just a few at his command.

I smiled, “Wow, that’s a lot of them. How many are there total?”

The angel laughed, “More than you can imagine. Angels in countless realities and dimension, but all serve the Master!” We stopped walking for a moment and he said, “Do not be afraid of the cold harsh winters that come; the death of souls by darkness child. For there are angels sent by God to watch and encourage those who need them. His love is amazing, glory to God. He fixed his “Santa” hat and flew away bidding me farewell and a very Merry Christmas!


Frosty the Snow Man:

While I was at school taking a walk in the snow, I heard someone calling out to me, “Yahoo!” I turned to my right and saw an angel standing next to a snowman! What a funny sight…of course I was intrigued, so I waved back. I forgot I was out in public so hopeful no one saw me! “Come here! Over here,” The angel called to me while jumping.

I made my way to the scene only to find out that this snow man was fuzzy! Was this snow? The angel answered my thoughts, “Nope! Not your snow..” He tapped on the head of this fuzzy snowman and it came alive! The angel laughed.

The angel was very tall and had on a top hat, but he didn’t appear like the others I have seen; however, he was dressed in a very bright tux with candy in his pockets. He had such bright green eyes of joy!  “Come now, why are you so startled?” He wiggled my left cheek, “Everything is alive in heaven. I thought you might like to see ‘Frosty the Snow man!'” He grinned from ear to ear.

I introduced myself, “My name is Micah! What is your name?”

The angel held his chin to think, “Call me Jolly Good-One” He took off his hat to show me what was inside. As I looked inside his hat, I saw bundles of light and laughter that brought my heart such joy. I could hear carols from heavenly choirs in heaven all inside his top hat. I was laughing and the angel said, “God is happier than you know and he sent me to give you some joy! Its Christmas time here yes? Some of us walk around on the earth bringing Christmas cheer! He reached in his hat and gave me some…boy what fun!

I acknowledge his statement, “Yes it is Christmas! One of my favorite times”

The angel said, “My favorite too. But I understand this can be a difficult time for some. The enemy hates this season and would love ruin it for everyone.”

“Why is that,” I asked.

The angel smiled, “Because he hates kindness and those who give. But I am not talking about material things. Those who look deep within themselves will already know they have something to give already…” He winked at me.

“What is that?”

The angel smiled, “Joy!” He turned to the snowman, ” Joy turns everything into life. Death cannot live among joy.” He paused a moment to search my emotions, “Keep on spreading the Christmas cheer Micah. This is the time where it is needed most! Some people are like this snowman, cold from the world’s expectations, but the cheer in your heart is from God and it can turn them into life!”

He and the snow man vanished… What a delight! Praise you Father!