The darkness crawled around me creating disturbing, contorting visions I had when I was child. There was no light…no light at all. Darkness. It was cold down here which was odd. The air was toxic! The only breath I had was that of poison entering my spirit. As I searched around this cold darkness, a deformed figure approached me. He was covered in shadows from this place and out of his body spewed the smell of rotting flesh. I could not fully see his form, but his eyes were red and he snorted like a wild beast. He walked towards me with his huge bat like wings that stretched out over him. He was chained up…someone had bound him! He glared at me intensely and then continued to walk around me. He was cold—I knew if he wanted to get his hands on me he would. This story I am about to tell you is called The Dungeon.

These shadowed halls are of demons waiting for the judgment. Deep within the dungeon of the spirit realm, there waiting in decay, are demons who had given themselves to the women of our world. It was then that great giants were born to these women and the demons, who once stood among the light of God, were forever cast down into shadow…a prison made of the void! I was given the chance to see these creatures—distorted, violent and lost. On Easter Sunday a few years ago, the Lord had come to me with his Sheppard staff asking if I loved him. While his glorious light all around covered me; he asked me a second time if I loved him. I answered him while reaching for his hand and suddenly the room became cold. He lifted me up from my bed and down a chilling portal, we descended into a prison deep within caverns of the spirit world. We came to a large iron gate and a huge angel guarding the gate with hair like molting lava! His wings covered him like gleaming armor and on his side was a large sword composed of a lighting storm. This angel bowed and stepped aside as Jesus opened the door to the prison. I gripped Jesus hand, “Lord, why am I here? This is not hell is it.”

Jesus shook his head, “This is the judgment of the demons who left my presence. They have been bound in this darkness. These demons have caused a great war in the heavens and became intimate with the women of the earth. I have thrown them down here as judgment. You are here to see their story Micah. Learn what you see here and tell my children that I am going to judge sin, but mercy is ready to be received! Mercy is pouring out like waterfall over the earth.” Jesus held my hand, “Come with me and see!”

We stepped into the darkness and the door slammed shut! But Jesus had disappeared…and the darkness surrounded me. I shivered as I saw that demon approach me with his bat wings and red eyes. He cried out, “Where is the one who through me here in darkness—my dwelling of sin.” Suddenly a bright light flashed and I could see the desolate land plagued with fallen angels chained eternally. I could feel the dry ground but it was moving like their were warms crawling under me. I notice the halls were like a cave, I could see giant spiders with red eyes hissing at me then borrowed in their holes. Because of the darkness, the stone forged creeping shapes of fear and death; even they moaned with great pain. Each cell was in a crevese

They screamed, “Lucifer as betrayed us! He roams the earth in his royal robe as we sleep here in darkness—death as night! Throw him down here!”

Jesus now was next to me holding my hand, “These demons plagued the world with such violence, witchcraft, and so much more. The men who were destroyed in the flood were seeds of these.”

I looked at Jesus, “What about Lucifer?”

Jesus smiled, “He is defeated already, and now by my own children will he be cast into judgment by their will to serve me. Mercy, cripples him—I have given my children mercy Micah and by their reach for my love and light, will his screams of defeat throw him away into the Lake of Fire. Those who look upon him will laugh and say is this really the one who made the nations tremble. They will laugh at him…and my joy will be theirs!”

At the sound of Jesus voice the demons of this dungeon wailed, “Away with you oh King of Heaven! Our flesh boils by your sight!”

Jesus raised his staff and the demons hid within their cells quietly. This darkness was terrible but it would not cover the light coming from the Lord. “Come with me.” He said taking my hand. We walked through the halls of moaning–the fallen angels knew him very closely. I wondered what they had felt now.

Jesus, who knew my thoughts said, “They are in great pain Micah because they remember the light they once lived in. They have tried to act out their revenge upon the people above because they knew that they would be a vessel of my light and power.” Jesus stopped before one of the cells of a great demon. With his staff he created light within the barred gate so I could see this demons form.

There it was defeated, curled up in the claustrophobic room. He had four wings but one was broken. His form was melting like some kind of acid. His hands covered his face by chains wrapped around his arms and neck. As I continued to study this demon I noticed that his form use to be very beautiful but it is becoming like rot. He sat there in silence–did not move! It smelled so terrible, like waste.

Jesus said, “This is not his end. One day I will throw him into fire. This demon was the first to attack so many with fear. You know why? Because he was once an angel of great faith. Yes, he was! Now he claustrophobic; he Can never get out.” Jesus removed the light and looked at me, “They believe they have escaped my sight, the demons who roam the world above. No, their fate is sealed as well. But you Micah, you will walk in my power…by the power of the Holy Spirit, your words are like fire! Fire from heaven around the throne, the fire of the Holy Spirit lives in you! And they shall burn.” Jesus voice thundered in this realm and all the demons acted like wild animals trying to leave their cages. I have never heard such horrible sounds before; however, I couldn’t see them because the darkness covered their bodies.

Jesus raised his staff to slam it on the dry ground which caused it to shake, and the demons hushed. Jesus’ eyes were like fire saying, “I have won. Victory is mine and you must walk in it. I have authority over all things in heaven, earth, and under the earth. You must not believe that darkness has won. By my word, fire will come!

Please read Isaiah 14:12-16 and Geneses 6:1-7